Whether your building needs require a standard or custom design, PBS will gladly design to your specifications. Our buildings are computer designed, assuring you the most efficient and latest in technological engineering. This approach save our clients both time and money, making us very competitive in the market. PBS offers clear span buildings without interior columns, single span or multi-span systems that can be manufactured in a wide range of dimensions and roof slopes.


The most popular steel building frame. It requires no interior supports. The design is a great choice for maximizing uninterrupted interior space floor. They are a popular choice for industries that use large machinery, or airplane hangars, athletic facilities, agricultural buildings, and for just about any type of storage with expansive interior space. Clearspan frames can be cost-effective for buildings as wide as 200” feet

Width:                                                 20’ THROUGH 200‘
Height:                                                10’ to 40’ and over
Standard roof slope:                           1/2:12 to 4:12


For unlimited building width with strategically placed internal columns for additional support. By evenly distributing the load, they reduce the cost of both the frame and foundation of extremely wide buildings. Typical uses are for warehouses or large industrial buildings. This type of framing can often be used for churches or office buildings as well, since the columns can be located where they can be hidden in walls.
Width:                                                 NO MAXIMUM WIDTH
Height:                                                10’ to 40’ and over
Standard roof slope:                           1/2:12 to 1/12
Internal Column Spacing:                   40’ to 80’ Max


Single slope frames have different eave heights on each sidewall. The roof slopes down from the highest eave to the other. This type of frame is an efficient solution for when one-way roof drainage and column-free interior floor areas are required. Single-slope frames require less material and owners experience lower heating and cooling costs. They are commonly used for vehicle or equipment covers, shopping centers, automotive shops, or office complexes.

Width:                                                 20’ THROUGH 60‘
Height:                                                10’ to 40’ and over
Roof Pitch                                           1/2:12