Pacific Building System’s Featured Employee – Austin Bishop

At Pacific Building Systems, we are proud of our team of talented and dedicated employees.

We believe that recognizing our employees’ hard work and achievements is key to building a positive and thriving workplace culture. That’s why we regularly highlight our exceptional employees, and this month, it’s Austin Bishop’s turn to be in the spotlight.

As a valued member of the Pacific Building Systems team, Austin has made significant contributions to our company’s success. He’s the Vice President of Operations and plays a key role in the day-to-day of PBS. In this blog post, we want to take a moment to share a bit about his background, his role within the company, and what he does outside of work.

From his unwavering dedication in his work to his active involvement in his community, we’re excited to highlight Austin’s many accomplishments and talents.

We won’t keep you waiting any longer. Let’s get to know Austin Bishop a little better.

When Did You Start Working with Pacific Building Systems?

Austin made his way to the Pacific Building Systems team at the end of 2016. He started with us as a welder in the fabrication shop. We asked Austin to reflect back on those first moments working with us and what he thought. He remarks fondly, “It was an exciting time for me as I embarked on a new career path.”

Embarking on a new career path and starting a new chapter in life is always exciting and we’re glad he chose PBS as his new path. He goes on to say that he was “Eager to hone my skills and contribute to the company’s success.”

He certainly has contributed to our success-that’s a fact! Now in his more senior role of Vice President of Operations, he’s learning to take on new responsibilities and facing new challenges with poise and precision.

What Have You Learned From Being With Pacific Building Systems?

Since being with our company, the last seven years have given way to some great discoveries, evolutions, and lessons learned. Austin elaborated on this and said, “I firmly believe in the philosophy of “extreme ownership” and apply it to both my personal and professional life on a daily basis.”

When you can blend aspects of your professional and personal life and utilize the skills you learn in both areas, you have a recipe for success. Austin went on to mention, “Through my experiences, I have learned the importance of recognizing and embracing change in the business world, rather than fearing it. I make a conscious effort to stay adaptable and leverage change as an opportunity to drive growth and success. This mindset has allowed me to effectively identify areas for improvement and take action, invoking positive change within the organization.”

It’s not always about the situation you have to handle, but how you choose to handle it. While constantly growing in his skills, Austin is quick to adapt and handle challenges with speed and poise.

What is Your Role Within Pacific Building Systems?

As an integral member of Pacific Building Systems, Austin’s primary responsibility is to ensure the company’s operational profitability. He is the Vice President of Operations after all.

We asked him what his job entails and he commented, “I oversee the fab shop and sheet metal shop, ensuring that they meet our high standards for quality and timeliness. Additionally, I am responsible for overseeing the shipping department to ensure timely delivery within our commitments, and I prioritize the maintenance of our facilities to guarantee a safe and efficient work environment.”

In essence, his role on the team is to ensure that all facets of our operations align with our organizational goals, ultimately driving success for the company as a whole.

How Do You Spend Your Time Outside of Work?

We make a point to highlight what our staff finds a passion for outside of work. This is because we understand that their work-self isn’t 100% of themselves. We love hearing what they’re up to outside the walls of work!

We asked Austin what he finds joy in outside of his career. He smiled and said, “At heart, I find joy in the simple things in life. One of my greatest passions is attending and supporting my home church, Family Life, in West Salem, where I take an active role in growing the Kingdom of God. As part of this involvement, I participate in directing the life stream of our church service to individuals who are unable to attend in person.”

When he’s not busy serving his community, he said, “In my free time, I like to tinker and create in my home garage, whether it’s constructing a new piece of furniture or working on small intricate models that are less than a foot in length. These projects allow me to express my creativity and keep my mind active.”

A man of many talents, he has even more on his plate than that! Austin went on to comment, “Staying physically active is also an essential part of my life. I enjoy hitting the gym with my wife, as well as taking our furry friends out for a run in the great outdoors. In all aspects of my life, I value simplicity, balance, and the pursuit of personal growth.”

We think Austin’s personal life lends a great hand in his thriving workplace performance, and we’re happy to know that he’s learned a few tricks of the trade that he can apply to his own life. Our employees are the backbone of this business and it’s an honor to show off their talents, skills, and interests.

A big thank you from all of us to Austin for his hard work and dedication to the Pacific Building Systems team!