Pacific Building System’s Featured Employee – Casey Roberts

It’s a new month which means it’s time to shine a new spotlight on one of our employees. This time it’s Casey Roberts!

Each month, an employee at Pacific Building Systems will be highlighted and recognized for their hard work and determined efforts here. We appreciate each and every one of our employees and the skills and qualities that they bring to our team. As a potential client, looking to choose a pre engineered metal building from us, we want to show you who’s behind the buildings and who’s here working hard to bring your pre engineered metal building plans to fruition.

All of our employees play a key role in making the manufacturing and delivery process as smooth as possible. Casey’s role is no different! He covers a lot of territory here-quite literally! He’s the Senior Post Delivery and Service Rep for all of our territories. If you’ve ever ordered a metal building or component from us; chances are that you’ve talked to Casey.

We sat down with Casey to pick his brain about his background before PBS, what he does in his role here and what he does in his time outside of work. This is what Casey had to say.

When Did You Start Working with Pacific Building Systems?

Before Casey came to Pacific Building Systems, he attended Oregon State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science and majored in business management. The skills he learned through his time getting that degree have been valuable in his role here with us. Casey understands business management and is efficient in his role as Senior Post Delivery Representative-we’re grateful to have him on board!

Casey says about his time in school, “My particular focus was on supply chain and logistics management.” He has a great insight into the supply chain and the best ways that we can accommodate our clients through it.

Casey started at PBS on September 1st of 2021 after working for an excavation company for a couple of years after college. His work with the excavation company gave him many valuable experiences and skills that he’s been able to implement into his work here with us.

What Have You Learned from Being with Pacific Building Systems?

Casey remarks that, “I have learned that in this industry the demand for metal can fluctuate pretty dramatically. Back when I was working as the Oregon sales rep, there were slow days that allowed me to do a bit more prospecting of new clients. Then there were days or weeks where the calls coming in were non-stop.” Being able to ebb and flow with the changing markets is something Casey has become a pro at. It goes back to his knowledge about supply chain logistics-his ability to work around slow seasons and make adjustments has been a great asset for us here.

We asked Casey what skills he’s picked up since joining the PBS team and he said, “Throughout my time here I have got to wear many hats and learned many skills. Just a couple of these skills include how to detail a simple structure, design trims and angles, read and comprehend construction prints, put materials into production, write up quotes, communicate with different types of customers, and much more.”

Casey went on to mention a major quote that has impacted his life and that he reminds himself of on hard days. It’s, “Pain is temporary. Pride is forever.” He said this quote originally came from his passion for wrestling, when he looked at the quote as referring to things like the “pain” of many practices being temporary, but the “pride” Casey said he would get for the many awards and accolades would last forever. The meaning of this quote transferred into Casey’s college career with the “pain” of studying being temporary and the “pride” of the degree lasting forever. Lastly, Casey says, “I was able to transfer this into my life here at PBS. The “pain” of dealing with tough situations is temporary, but the pride of the most beautiful buildings going up will be ingrained in my brain forever.”

Casey has learned the in’s and out’s of Pacific Building Systems and has adapted to the work environment easily. He says that, “PBS offers a unique educational experience for the steel building consumer by providing customer service from responsive professionals.” Making the client a part of the building process is a major focus for us here-and Casey appreciates and includes that in his work.

What is Your Role Within Pacific Building Systems?

Casey handles a lot when it comes to post delivery. He’s in charge of all of our territories so he has a lot of ground to cover. When we asked Casey for a first hand account of what he does here at Pacific Building Systems, he said, “My job consists of helping customers throughout the building process.”

He went on to say that his job includes, “Finding cracks in our company’s process, helping our team find solutions to problems that arrive in the field, and keeping track of the lost revenue due to corrective actions that need to be taken.”

Without Casey, we doubt things would run quite as smoothly as they do now. He’s a vital asset to our team and we’re so thankful for all that he does to keep the show on the road here.

How Do You Spend Your Time Outside of Work?

Casey is a dreamer. A go-getter. A hard worker. When he sets his sights on something, he goes after it. He has goals in and out of work that he’s actively working towards and we support him in those ventures. We asked Casey what those goals were and he remarked, “My personal goal is to save up enough for a house and move in with my significant other, Kira.”

He follows that up by stating, “Professionally, my goal is to learn as much as I can in this industry to build my knowledge base.” We look forward to providing him with the opportunities he’s looking for to excel in this industry.

As Casey climbs the ladder here at PBS, he says that he hopes his efforts here, “Will hopefully allow me to keep gaining more responsibility in the company.” Casey has certainly proven his worth here so far and we can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next.

Casey puts in a great deal of work here, helping PBS continue to grow and evolve. He finds ways to evolve in his personal life too-cultivating skills and hobbies that bring him joy. Casey said, “Outside of PBS you may find me riding quads, dirt bikes, and SXS at the dunes. In the wintertime you will find me skiing Mt. Hood or Hoodo. During the Fall and the Winter, I am the head wrestling coach for the North Marion School District’s club team. I like anything outdoors and the gym is my second home.”

Having a life, rich with passions, hobbies and interests, is important to have outside of the workplace. We are deeply grateful for how much time, effort and thought our staff puts into Pacific Building Systems-and we love hearing what they put their time, effort and thought into outside of work!

We’re so glad to have Casey as a part of the team at Pacific Building Systems and we’re excited to watch him grow within the company.
Thank you, Casey, for all your hard work!