Featured PEMB Project: Metal Airplane Hangar at Sunriver Airport

For over 60 years, Pacific Building Solutions has designed, engineered, and manufactured custom pre-engineered high-quality steel airplane hangars for everyone from personal aircraft owners to military and commercial airport operators. Keep reading to learn more about a project we completed at Sunriver Airport in Bend, OR.

Any aviation enthusiast will tell you that airplanes are one of the most expensive assets a person can own, and they require diligent care and maintenance – but they are worth it! Most aircraft are designed to endure extreme conditions in the air, but on the ground, they are vulnerable when exposed to elements like dust, wind, moisture, ultraviolet rays, etc. If they are not properly stored in a well-designed airplane hangar, the value of an aircraft could quickly depreciate.

Fortunately, aircraft owners can find a practical solution with a customized pre-engineered metal airplane hangar. Whether it is for private or commercial aviation storage, steel buildings are some of the sturdiest, most cost-effective structures one can build. 

From small private airplane hangars to larger commercial hangars, we have successfully designed multiple types of steel hangar structures for private or commercial aviation storage, including: Single airplane hangars, Corporate airplane hangars, Maintenance buildings, Shade ports, and Multi-port tee hangar systems.  

In this post, we’re highlighting a project we completed at Sunriver Airport in Bend, OR

Sunriver Airport Steel Airplane Hangar Interior Photo

The Sunriver Airport is a privately-owned regional airport located in the resort community of Sunriver in Central Oregon. It is considered one of the premier resort airports in the country and can accommodate a range of aircraft. The airport is frequently utilized by travelers to the Sunriver Resort and is convenient for daily excursions, extended-stay vacations, and as a drop-off point for group meetings. Airport officials came to us in need of a new airplane hangar that offered temperature control, durability, and enough space to accommodate the aircraft storage and maintenance needs for the public as well as guests of the resort.

Mount Bachelor Design Studio, an architectural firm located in Bend, had already created a design, so our client simply needed us to work with them to engineer a 120’ x 116 metal airplane hangar with an eave height of 32’-3” and roof slope of 1/2: 12. Through use of sound engineering, superior steel, and seasoned experience, we were able to manufacture and quickly deliver a metal building directly to their construction customized to fit their individual needs.

Sunriver Airport Steel Airplane Hangar Diagram

We saved our client time and money during installation by taking many field cost-reducing steps before delivery, like welding clips and angles in place prior to delivery. Structural connections were designed to assemble with a minimum of field labor, and siding and roofing panels were pre-cut to length. Our standard practice of supplying surplus structural bolts, fasteners, and sealers further enhanced time efficiency. 

The project included a 24’x107’ mezzanine for light storage, a 5’x10’ famed opening at the lean-to low sidewall for vestibule, a 105’x27’ five-leaf unidirectional hangar door, one 3070 Insulated metal entry door with insulated metal panels, and one 3070 Insulated metal entry door with 1⁄2 glass window. We also added an additional 27’x 116’ structure on the back of the building.

Sunriver Airport Steel Airplane Hangar Exterior Photo

All flashing and trim was explicitly designed for the building, and for siding, we used a 26 gauge PBR panel, burnished slate color sheeting panels, and trim. They opted for white PBS structural steel frames that offered a clean, modern look and galvanized secondary steel frame parts for extra durability. We also added 24 gauge double-lok standing seam Kynar burnished slate color roofing panels for extra protection. To prevent condensation build-up and protect the aircraft from moisture and freezing from the winter months and high temperatures from the summer months, we advised our client to install an energy efficiency R-35 Simple Saver Insulation System for proper heating and cooling.  

Steel Airplane Hangar at Sunriver Airport Interior Photo

The Sunriver Airport could have chosen from any number of other steel building manufacturers throughout the country, but they chose Pacific Building Systems (PBS). Why is this? Maybe it’s because we are the most experienced metal building manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe it’s our reputation for high-quality, prefabricated steel buildings and exceptional customer service. Maybe it’s our attention to detail. Maybe it’s our willingness to listen to customers and advise them to go with the most cost-effective, energy-efficient choices – not always the most expensive ones. Maybe it’s our ability to incorporate different features like ridge vents, insulated metal panels, bifold, hydraulic, and bi-parting sliding doors. Whatever the reason, we’re glad to have had the opportunity to work with them and to complete this exciting project. 

Sunriver Airport isn’t the only business that decided PBS was the right choice for their aircraft hanger projects. After all, we have been the obvious choice for residents, businesses, and independent contractors in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii for over 60 years! We’ve completed airplane hangar buildings for clients like Salem Air Center – Salem, OR and Juniper Investments Inc., to name a few. “I’m extremely pleased with our PBS-designed hangars and lease buildings,” says Juniper Investments Inc President Ken Smith. “Excellent quality products, and customer service second to none. Thank you!”

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