PBS is Proud to Support the Oregon Foster Parent Association

Pacific Building Systems (PBS) is more than a steel building manufacturer. Our commitment to give back and build stronger communities is at the heart of our company culture. We demonstrate these values by partnering with local non-profit organizations that work to improve youth education, quality of life, and strengthen neighborhoods.  In this post, we’re highlighting one of these organizations, the Oregon Foster Parent Association (OFPA), a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a home of safety and healing to Oregon’s most vulnerable children since 1996.

Why is it important to support foster care?

As a fourth-generation, family-run business, we understand the importance of family and share very similar values with OFPA. We believe that every child benefits from a supportive and strong family and adult connections and deserves to grow up in a home environment where their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met. Sadly, this is not always the case. In 2019 alone, a total of 10,887 children spent at least one day in some kind of foster care in Oregon (Source: Department of Human Services). 

What is the value of foster care?

Foster parents are some of the most dedicated volunteers in the world. Their role is to help abused and neglected children grow and thrive by experiencing what a safe and stable home environment looks like. A foster care home gives these children in an already-burdened system a chance to develop emotional stability, trust, and self-esteem. It’s difficult to place a value on foster families, but the Oregon Foster Parent Association (OFPA) helps to break it down: 

“One full 24 day of volunteering to foster is worth $585.60.  (24x$24.40=$585.60)

Keep the child for a full week, that amount goes up to $4099.20. Multiply the days by the value for a month (we’ll use 30 days) and it’s a comfortable $17,568 per month.  Since many children end up staying in foster care for a year (we will assume the same home for ease of figuring) that takes our voluntary value to $213,158.40.”

In the last 15 years the OFPA has achieved the following: 

  • Published a Resource Guide for local support groups. Distributed to 50 local groups, board members for training purposes, and sent to seven states other than Oregon.
  • Sponsored a statewide conference “Fostering Connections for Children” where almost 400 foster care providers were trained in a variety of subjects related to foster care.
  • Initiated a “Toll Free Resource & Referral Line” for foster, adoptive, and relative care parents and support groups with plans for expansion.
  • Supported several regional training conferences around the state.
  • Provided grants to support foster parents attendance at national training conferences.
  • Advocate effectively for foster parents throughout the state, providing peer support and mentoring.
  • Sponsored and supported “Camp To Belong”. A yearly camp to reunite siblings who are separated by foster placement or adoption. Visit Camp To Belong NW website.
  • Sponsored two Foster Family Camps in collaboration with Camp To Belong & Oregon DHS Child Welfare.

OFPA is funded through memberships, corporate and individual contributions, agency contracts, fundraisers, grants, and money earned through projects. The board of directors serve in a volunteer capacity and act as mentors to thousands of foster, adoptive, and relative care parents in the foster care system.  PBS is proud to support this organization and the invaluable services they provide to Oregon’s foster care system. To learn more about the organization and how you can help, please visit www.ofpa.com

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