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Why it Matters That Our Pre-Engineered Steel Building Systems and Components are Manufactured in Oregon

Some say Oregon’s business economy is as diverse as its landscape. It is true our state is famous for exporting everything from craft beer, wine, technology, hazelnuts, manufacturing, wood products, cheese, outdoor gear, and more. However, our mission is to also make Oregon synonymous with the finest pre-engineered steel buildings in the world – and we think we’re doing a pretty good job. 

Our engineers have designed some of the highest quality commercial and industrial steel buildings on the market for multiple applications in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and even in Alaska and Hawaii. We are proud of the work we have done in all these states, however, in this post, we will focus on the reasons why we are the ideal steel building manufacturer for construction projects in Oregon. 

Pacific Building Systems is proud to be a fourth-generation Oregon steel building manufacturing business. Our company started as a small operation in 1962, serving local neighbors and farmers, but word of our exceptional customer service and high-quality products spread quickly.

It’s hard to believe that our small but mighty family-run company has now engineered and manufactured more than 10,000 metal and steel structures for the industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors throughout the Pacific Northwest- and we build them all in our headquarters in Woodburn, Oregon.  

Being an Oregon-based company gives us an advantage in the pre-engineered steel building manufacturing industry. We understand the climate, landscape, and the unique construction challenges faced by local corporations, government entities, farmers, and private business owners throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

We also know that prefabricated metal buildings offer the perfect solution for every construction project in the state of Oregon and throughout the region. 

Every building we design is unique to our client, and we always take location into account. A business on Oregon’s South Coast is going to have a completely different set of needs and building specifications than a business located in the Mid-Willamette Valley.

Who better to understand these key differences than engineers from Oregon? They are more likely to better serve you and ensure you meet the building code and industrial requirements than a steel building manufacturer in another part of the country. 

We’d like to spotlight some of our pre-engineered steel buildings in Oregon to give you an idea of what we can do for you. Take a closer look at these building projects Pacific Building Systems has completed: 

Featured Project: Vehicle Maintenance Shop

Location: Estacada, Oregon

Building Type: Commercial Steel Building 

This 70’x75′ vehicle maintenance shop located in Estacada, Oregon is part of a building complex project.

The building kit features 24 gauge Kynar SSR-218 Standing seam roofing and 26 gauge painted PBR siding. The building purlins and girts are spaced for banded liner insulation system. Includes 150′ of PBS standard snow break flashing.

Pre-Engineered Steel Vehicle Maintenance Shop
Pre-Engineered Steel Vehicle Maintenance Shop
Vehicle Maintenance Shop in Estacada, Oregon

Featured Project: Prefabricated Steel Shop

Location: Silverton, Oregon

Building Type: Steel Shop & Workspace

This 75’x60′ PBS Prefabricated Steel Shop Building in Silverton, Oregon features 26 gauge PBR metal siding on walls, roofing, and soffits. The structural steel beams are white, and the girts and purlins are galvanized. The window openings allow a great amount of natural light to illuminate the space. The 3’x7′ mandoors are insulated and the building features Banded-liner insulation.

Pre-engineered steel workshop
Pre-engineered steel workshop
Harmer Steel Products in Portland, Oregon

Featured Project: Metal Fabrication Shop Building Project for PGE

Location: Estacada, Oregon

Building type: Industrial Steel Building 

This 70’x150′ metal building features PBR wall hickory metal siding panels and SSR-218 Standing Seam Forest Green Kynar roofing. For insulation, they choose Banded Liner Insulation System, insulated walk-in doors with half glass, and 4’x8′ insulated double dome skylights. The customers added crane beams and a self-supporting mezzanine.

Pre-engineered steel building
Pre-engineered fabrication shop
PGE Fabrication Shop in Estacada, Oregon

Featured Project: Forensics Lab

Location: Pendleton, OR

Building Type: Government Steel Building 

The Forensics Lab provides timely and accurate scientific, technical and investigative support to the criminal justice system. Their scientific examination and analysis provides information that assists criminal justice partners in solving crimes and protecting the resources and safety of the people of Oregon. Their analysis also increases the probability of the prompt apprehension and conviction of the guilty and similarly prompt protection of the innocent.

More Oregon Steel Building Projects

Commercial Steel Building Project: Salem Air Center – Salem, OR

Our team is proud to have worked on Salem Air Center Inc. in Salem, Oregon. Salem Air Center Inc. is a company that provides support services in the aviation industry. They offer a range of services including aircraft sales, aircraft management, aircraft maintenance & repairs, interior refurbishment. They lease office space for business purposes and provide safe and secure hangars in our facilities. Although they operate in a highly competitive environment, they have managed to serve our customers with quality services since 1983.

Industrial Steel Building Project: The Purlin Mill – Hubbard, OR

Our team is proud to have worked on The Purlin Mill in Hubbard, Oregon.

The Purlin Mill takes pride in the quality and service they provide to their many satisfied customers. They manufacture many of the building components required for steel building construction. Their facility is a 17,000 sq. Ft. production building housing a 162’ automated Mark II roll forming production line.

Industrial Steel Building Project: Solid Form Fabrication in McMinnville, Oregon

Solid Form Fabrication is a custom metal fabrication shop with a team of problem-solvers and creators. They take on projects that benefit from ingenuity and collaboration — working closely with their clients to find innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Industrial Steel Building Project: Tillamook County Transportation District – Tillamook, OR

Tillamook County Transportation District (TCTD) was established in July 1997. The District’s mission is to “Connect Communities Through Sustainable Transit Services”. Fondly referred to as “The Wave”, the District accomplishes it mission by providing various public transportation services throughout northwest Oregon. These services include public dial-a-ride, local deviated route, intercity and commuter bus services.

Community Steel Building Project: Yamhill County Public Workshop – McMinnville, OR

Our team is proud to have worked on Yamhill County Public Workshop. Yamhill County is located in the heart of the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

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