How Pacific Building Systems Stays True to Our Core Values

Unparalleled Customer Service Sets
Pacific Building Systems Apart From the Rest

Through the decades, multiple businesses that manufacture pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) in the Pacific Northwest have come and gone, but Pacific Building Systems is “steel standing”! We’ve had the pleasure of serving our customers since 1962 when our company was named Truss-T Structures, Inc. Recently, we were asked how we’ve managed to stay in business for almost six decades – what’s our secret sauce? It’s simple, really. We believe the secret to our longevity is refusing to stray from the core values our company has held from the beginning: 

“Provide Excellent Service, and Fully Integrated Quality Steel Buildings with Preferred Partners in the Great Pacific Region.”

As a family-run, privately held company of 4th generation, these values run deep. We have a tight-knit team that includes management and administration, sales, estimating, engineering, detailing, purchasing, manufacturing, and a shipping department. What does all this mean to you? 

It means:

  • Our customers work directly with our designers and engineers, who guide them through the entire process.
  • Doing things the right way is the only way. We don’t cut corners or compromise our services to reduce time or increase profits. 
  • Each owner is active in the day-to-day operation, which ensures that all phases of the projects have an on-time completion with the highest possible quality.
  • We offer PEMB’s with high-quality steel building components built with the latest technology AND a positive, seamless experience. 
  • Building erectors, and construction companies prefer to do business with Pacific Building Solutions because they know they will receive an excellent product that is delivered on time, without the hassle of communication issues, missing or broken building pieces, etc.

Call us old-fashioned, but the quality of the relationship we have with our customers takes priority over volume, which sets us apart from the rest. Our customers have taken note. We recently received some wonderful testimonials that reminded us of the value of staying true to our core values. Here’s one from Bobby & Jasmine Geyer, owners of Bobby Geyer Construction Corp. in Roseburg, Oregon:

“We have been in business for almost 13 years doing commercial and residential construction with the bulk of our work being commercial new construction in the Roseburg area. We started working with Pacific Building Systems (PBS) a few years ago and we have nothing but great things to say about their company and their product. We have a great working relationship with their staff and they are so helpful when you’re calling for pricing or have questions. They understand our business and the urgency that typically comes with new steel building orders and they always knock it out of the park. We have worked with a few other steel building companies and had communication issues, missing building pieces etc and we just haven’t had to deal with those issues with PBS which really builds confidence, keeps our jobs from being held up and enables us to highly recommend them to our commercial clients all over Southern Oregon.”

Through the years, we’ve had the pleasure of manufacturing PEMBs for Coleman Agriculture, a sixth-generation family farm cultivating over 7,500 acres of hops, hazelnuts, seed crops, vegetables, and hemp, located in St. Paul, OR. Here’s what they had to say about their experience with Pacific Building Systems:

“My family and I have bought many buildings from Truss-T/PBS over the past 40 years.  They make quality structures that are well engineered, easy to erect and stand behind their work.  They have worked with us to make buildings that fit our needs whether it be a custom designed loafing barn for our dairy or a one of a kind hop dryer facility that allowed for us to build around our existing kiln floors.  They have been very accommodating to designing and building structures that fit our unique needs.” – Ben Coleman

Read more about our partnership with Coleman Agriculture here

Are you thinking about buying a prefabricated steel building kit? PBS has been a leader in manufacturing standard and custom steel buildings throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska for over fifty years. Our buildings are computer-designed, which saves you time and money and ensures you get the most up-to-date engineering technology available.

PBS offers clear span buildings without interior columns. Single span or multi-span systems can also be erected in a wide range of dimensions and roof slopes. We deliver direct to your site using our own fleet of trucks. 

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