A Bulk Seed & Crop Storage Success Story

Pacific Buildings Systems Spotlight on Coleman Agriculture

We have always aimed to deliver the highest-quality steel buildings combined with the best customer service in the region. So, when Ben Coleman from Coleman Agriculture in St. Paul, Oregon came to Pacific Building Systems (PBS) in search of a prefabricated steel building that would meet their seed and crop storage needs, we immediately knew that PBS would be the perfect fit. Like Coleman Agriculture, we are also a family run company that has worked for generations to perfect what we do best. 

Coleman Agriculture manages more than 7,500 acres of land in the Willamette Valley and cultivates some of the highest quality crops in our region. They are among the most diverse hop growers in Oregon, producing over 4 million pounds, from 24 distinct varieties, yearly. Coleman also produces a sizable portion of the U.S. supply of hazelnuts as well as seed crops and vegetables. 

An operation on that scale requires a substantial amount of storage that can easily be customized to meet individual crop requirements. That’s where we came in. Coleman came to us in search of a cost-effective, high-quality steel building that would meet the precise conditions required for their seed and crop storage. Since the engineers at PBS already have an extensive amount of experience designing agricultural & bulk storage buildings under their belt, we felt confident we could deliver. 

After our initial consultations, our engineers decided to go with an 111’ x 120’ steel structure built with Clear Span frames. Clear Span buildings are ideal storage solutions for agriculture businesses of all sizes because they are self-supporting, versatile, and require no load-bearing walls or support columns. That means Coleman would have access to plenty of unobstructed floor space. 

The project was a resounding success. By purchasing a new steel building manufactured by Pacific Building Systems, Coleman Agriculture was able account for critical harvest-processing details, including height requirements for conveyor belts and elevators along with ventilation, weight and volume pressures that would meet their requirements. Take a look at some photos of the finished product. 

Coleman Agriculture Steel Building

Coleman Agriculture Steel Building

Coleman Agriculture Steel Building

Coleman Agriculture Steel Building

Coleman Agriculture Steel Building

Click here to see more images of Coleman Agriculture’s Bulk Seed and Crop Storage. 

As one of the top agricultural building manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve worked with American farmers for over 50 years to build high-quality farm storage buildings that last for generations. Our engineers have designed various bulk storage buildings that are ideal for multiple applications, including: Potato Storage, Seed Storage, Salt and Sand Storage, Fertilizer Storage, Warehouses , Cold Storage and Crop Storage Facilities. All our agricultural buildings ship quickly to Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Whether you are in the initial planning stages of your agricultural building or have already finalized your plans, we will work to make your building a reality.  Call us today and we’ll be delighted to discuss your next project.

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