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Warehouses and Distribution Centers Constructed from a Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) Kit from Pacific Building Systems Help Businesses Keep Up with Demand and Stay Competitive.

When the pandemic fundamentally changed the needs and shopping habits of consumers all over the world, the demand for industrial storage spaces, warehouses, and distribution centers increased at a record-breaking rate.

The increased demand and the rising cost of lumber and building materials have put many business owners in a problem. Many manufacturers, especially those in the e-commerce business, are discovering that Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, or PEMBs, are a reliable and economical solution.

Businesses in the Pacific Northwest and beyond need well-designed warehouses and distribution centers with wide open, uninterrupted spaces to stay competitive. Pacific Building Solutions gives businesses owners the option of having an open floor plan that meets their needs. Here’s how:

Clear Span Sets Pacific Building System’s Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMBs) Apart from Other Structures

We can design clear-span or multi-span framing options without interior columns for maxim uninterrupted interior floor, creating and maintaining the space layout that your facility requires.

F&W Fence Steel Building Interior Photo

Pre-engineered steel buildings are ideal for storage spaces, warehouses, and distribution centers because they can clear span as much as 300’ with no load-bearing walls or support columns, maximizing the usable space with prefab construction.

One of the main reasons for this is that many prefabricated metal warehouses use Clear Span. This metal framing system requires no interior supports, creating a more open commercial space for storage, shipping, and manufacturing.

Pacific Building Systems is renowned for its ability to design and engineer prefab building kits with clear-span or multi-span framing options without interior columns for maximized uninterrupted interior floor space usage, ideal for flexible multi-use space. Due to our steel substructure, we can run larger bays and clear-span further distance than other structures. 

It is easy to understand why more and more business owners choose to construct their warehouse buildings from a pre-manufactured steel building kit. Not only do PEMBs manufactured by Pacific Building Systems offer more strength and durability than other structures, but they also accommodate larger spans, last for generations, and require minimum maintenance.

This is a recipe for success, as it helps businesses maintain, improve and sustain their competitiveness.

For almost six decades, PBS has proudly served business owners throughout the Pacific Northwest. We have both the trusted experience and sound product required to meet your storage building needs. Our engineers have designed various commercial and industrial buildings that are ideal for manufacturing facilities and distribution centers.

Take a look at a few of the Industrial Steel Building projects we have had the pleasure of taking on in recent years:

Commercial Warehouse Park – Industrial Steel Office and Warehouse Building in Vancouver, Washington

This custom steel warehouse park consists of two buildings. Building A is 10,920 sq. ft. and Building B is 6,720 sq. ft. These buildings are next to each other and will be part of an extensive warehouse park complex.

Elite Roofing Office and Warehouse – Industrial Steel Office and Warehouse Building in Redmond, OR

The custom, 4600 SF industrial warehouse and office space building that we had the pleasure of working on consists of two structures.

One structure serves as the storefront office, with a canopy and 10′ x 8′ commercial storefront entry, and various windows to allow natural light to illuminate the space. The second structure is a warehouse with overhead roll-up doors, walk doors, and Banded Liner insulation system. Learn more.

Western Interlock – Commercial Steel Building Project in Rickreall, OR

Harmer Steel Products – Office and Warehouse Steel Building in Portland, Oregon

Western Interlock Steel Warehouse Space Exterior Photo
Harmer Steel Products in Portland, Oregon - Exterior Photo

This 100’x100′ PBS prefabricated steel warehouse and office in for Harmer Steel Products in Portland, Oregon features a commercial storefront entry, overhead doors, and 3070 insulated Walk Doors.

From our PBS metal building components catalog, the customer chose 26 gauge PBR metal siding walls, 24 gauge SSR-218 Standing Seam Kynar roofing. Learn more.

F&W Fence Company – Commercial Steel Building Project in Salem, OR

F&W Fence Steel Building - Exterior Photo
F&W Fence Steel Building Interior

Pacific Building System (PBS) Advantages:

  • PBS is the premier metal building component manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest.

  • We ship our metal building kits anywhere in the United States and Canada, ready for assembly.

  • Our buildings can be customized with insulated metal roof and wall panels that can significantly decrease energy costs. 

  • We design and account for many industrial layouts, including heavy crane systems, bracing systems, roof loads, mezzanines, equipment-storage needs, and column placement requirements specific to building use. 

  • We engineer and manufacture each building to the exact specification required by large corporations, government entities, private business owners, farmers, and communities throughout the Pacific Northwest.

  • We assist our customers with every aspect of their building and offer technical support all the way from the planning phase to the final stages of each project. Our customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

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Every building we design is unique to our client, and projects range dramatically in size. Our engineers ensure you meet the building code and industrial requirements for your intended use, from smaller boutique storage buildings to expansive warehouses and distribution centers.

PBS does not participate in any construction field but focuses on producing the highest quality steel buildings designed for ease of installation. 

Whether you are in the initial planning stages of your commercial/industrial building or have already finalized your plans, we will work to make your building a reality.

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