The Oregon Wildlife Risk Explorer: A Cool Tool for the Agricultural Space

Farmers, ranchers, and those in the agricultural space-listen up. You’re going to want to bookmark this tool in your web browser.

If you work in the agricultural market, you know that having a secure, efficient and cost-friendly building to house your farm equipment, feed or food you’ve grown is a necessity. Pre- engineered metal buildings are offering several benefits to the agricultural industry in this regard when compared to traditional wooden buildings and/or barns.

When making building plans for the construction of your pre-engineered metal building, it’s a good idea to take a look at the area you plan to build in and assess any risks. The Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer is a helpful tool that can identify the wildfire risk in the area you wish to build in. This tool shows an immersive view of wildfire risk within Oregon. It also shows local fire history along with various other features to aid in the planning process.

Here’s how this cool tool can help you during the planning phase of your metal building journey.

Pro #1: Assess Risk Levels Across Oregon

When you visit The Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer, you’ll be taken to a full map view of Oregon. The state of Oregon will be aglow with various shades of green, yellow, orange and red. These colors, and their varying shades, indicate the risk level associated with that area where wildfires are concerned.

Places as far south as Roseburg aren’t at a huge risk of wildfires whereas much of Bend, Medford and eastern Oregon are at a much higher risk level. You can move around the map freely or search for a specific location to learn about the wildfire risk level for that location.

If you’re restricted by where you can build, this map can give you a good insight into the risk level in your area so you can prepare for potential wildfires that may come through. When flexibility is an option, you can look at the map with a broader view to narrow down the lowest risk areas in the state of Oregon.

Pro #2: Extra Features Are Available

If you’d like to know even more about the location you’re planning to construct your metal building on, there are many more features to boast about within the Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer tool.

One of these features is the “Layers” tab. This allows you to show areas on the map that fall only within a certain risk level amongst other available filters. Some of these additional filters include water, transportation, land use and land cover which may be applicable to those in the agricultural industry.

Another great feature that’s included within The Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer is the “I want to” tab. This feature allows you to create homeowner reports, bookmark a map setting, and find data within the map layer you’re on. If you want to do a deep dive on a certain part of Oregon, this is the feature to help you do it.

Pro #3: Easy To Use

With all of these cool features to help agricultural builders determine the best building location for them in Oregon, you may expect it to be challenging to use. Think again! This online tool is incredibly user friendly and easy to navigate.

The map can be easily adjusted by scrolling the mouse in or out via desktop computer or enlarging the screen per your phone’s zoom method. If you’re planning to build a pre-engineered metal building for your agricultural business, this is one tool that’s worth checking out.

Wildfire burning in a forest

Eliminate the possibility of building in a high risk area for wildfires. If you have control over where your metal building goes, this interactive tool can help you find the best location to suit your needs.