Industrial Steel Buildings

For over five decades, Pacific Building Systems has been a trusted industrial building manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest, Canada, and across the United States. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies of all sizes to design, engineer, and build industrial steel buildings that are versatile, affordable, and sturdy. Our custom industrial metal building systems are made to accommodate the needs of whatever industry you’re in so you can focus on your products, your employees, and your bottom line.

We are specialists in our field. We can account for all types of industrial layouts, including heavy crane systems, bracing systems, roof loads, mezzanines, equipment-storage needs, and column placement requirements specific to building use. We can design clear-span or multi-span framing options without interior columns for maximized, uninterrupted interior floor space. Our industrial steel building systems can be designed to incorporate a variety of finishing materials such as stucco, wood, glass, masonry, and concrete, to achieve a warm and sophisticated business image.

Our engineers have designed a wide variety of commercial and industrial buildings, including:

  • Factories,
  • Power plants,
  • Sawmills,
  • Automotive facilities,
  • Breweries,
  • Sports centers,
  • Veterinary clinics,
  • Manufacturing facilities, and more

Our in-house team of experts will work with you from design to engineering to create an industrial steel building system that will last for generations. We ship all prefabricated industrial steel buildings quickly to anywhere in the United States.

Contact us today to find out how steel can strengthen your industry’s bottom line.

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  • “A pleasure working with everyone at Pacific Building Systems. Your structures are excellent, along with your customer service. We are very pleased and proud of the end results. Thank you so much PBS!”

    Ron Leslie
    NW Erection Specials

  • “You are the best! I can’t recommend PBS enough to all the customers.”

    Jeremy Zuidema
    Circle Z Land Holdings

  • “The building is up and it fit together wonderfully. It is great to work with an excellent company like PBS with great products and great service.”

    Ben Anderson

  • “Product processing and warehouse needs at Scenic Valley Farms have definitely been improved thanks to your team of experts at PBS working with us on production flow and building needs. Thank you so much!”

    Robert Zielenski Jr.
    Scenic Valley Farms