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Metal Roofing & Siding

Pacific Building Systems has provided high-quality metal roofing and siding supplies for a large variety of industries in the Pacific Northwest for over 50 years. We’ve done projects of every size and type and will use this experience to ensure your project is a success. We manufacture metal roof and siding system to meet your specifications.


  • PBR Roofing and Siding Panel ( PBS STANDARD PANEL) 
  • SSR-218 Standing Seam Panel
  • Tuff-Rib Roofing and Siding Panel
  • Reversed Rolled PBR Roofing and Siding Panel

All of our components are shipped quickly – typically in two weeks or less – to anywhere in the United States.

Contact us today to see how our team can help you create a sturdy, high-quality, and affordable steel building for your industry.


PBR is an exposed fastener structural panel. PBR Panels are most commonly use for commercial applications. It provides different designs through horizontal and vertical options and roof and wall applications. 

Requires a minimum roof slope of  1/2:12 


The SSR218 is a concealed fastener, architectural-standing seam roof panel. Standing seam roofing panels are most commonly specified for low slope and architectural applications and are ideal for many commercial steel buildings.

Our SSR218 roof panel is a mechanically seamed panel. It has factory-applied non-skinning butyl mastic for superior weather tightness, which provides an excellent defense against air and water infiltration.

The panel incorporates a concealed fastener clip that removes the need for exposed fasteners and allows for thermal expansion and contraction – these panel clips are also available in a variety of heights to work with your specific insulation requirements.

The SSR218 can be installed over open framing, solid substrates, or rigid insulation and look great on most metal buildings.

D.I. Roof Seamers is PBS’s preferred supplier of roof seamers and hand tools.

These Industrial Series Roof Seamers make up D.I.’s rental fleet. The machines are time-tested and rugged for reliable field use. You can choose a seamer for a 90 ̊ seam or a 180 ̊ seam depending on your requirements.



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