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Custom Steel Buildings Woodland, Washington

As leaders in the industry since 1962, Pacific Building Systems has put care and quality into custom metal building components for decades. 

We’re a family-owned and owner-operated metal and steel building manufacturer located in Woodburn, Oregon. We assemble and ship our quality, custom metal building components from our facilities in Woodburn, Oregon directly to Woodland, Washington and all of the Pacific Northwest.

We offer exceptional customer service, a smooth shopping experience, and innovation to all types of industries. We’re excited to work with you on your next pre-engineered steel building project.

Building Types

We specialize in a variety of building types such as commercial, industrial, agricultural, auditoriums, aircraft hangars, and more.

Commercial Steel Buildings Woodland, WA

  • Retail Space
  • Office Buildings
  • Auto Shops
  • Fire Stations
  • Bus Barns
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Mini-Storage Units
  • Multi-Unit Industrial Parks

Agricultural Steel Buildings Woodland, WA

  • Fruit Processing Buildings
  • Riding Arenas
  • Bulk, Cold, Seed, Hay
  • Seed Cleaning
  • Barns
  • Nurseries
  • Storage Buildings

Steel Aircraft Hangars / Steel Buildings Woodland, WA

  • Steel Airplane Hangars
  • RV Parking Garages
  • Shops & Workspaces
  • Storage Garages
  • Warehouse Space
  • Parking Area Covers

Auditoriums Woodland, WA

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Community Centers
  • Meeting Halls

Project Gallery

View our portfolio and see what we can do for you. Every project is unique and custom manufactured to your specific needs.

Free Quote

Our design team is here to help you with your next project.

Thank you for your interest in Pacific Building Systems. Please fill out the form below, and a steel building designer will be in touch to help you answer any question you have about our steel buildings and components.

If you have any questions or would like to tour our facility, please feel free to call. We are here to serve, whatever your needs are. Thank you for considering PBS as your steel building manufacturer.

Phone: 503-981-9581

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    Steel Building Manufacturer

    Our state-of-the-art steel building design facility will custom design any building for Woodland, Washington to your specifications, saving both time and money. 

    We pride ourselves on manufacturing steel building components that are easy to assemble and integrate into your pre-engineered building. Our delivery system works hand in hand with your preferred third party shipping business to get you your components as quickly as possible. With expert packaging processes, timely delivery, and quality customer service, constructing your next project has never been easier.

    Providing quality, reliability, and innovation for Woodland, Washington. Experience the steel building difference with Pacific Building Systems.

    • Woodland, Washington

    Hear What Our Customers Say…

    About Pacific Building Systems 

    We are regional – there is no large conglomerate to deal with. This means we are available, ready, and willing to quickly respond to any changes, problems or issues that may arise as this project develops.

    If you ever need replacement parts, we respond quickly and are eager to help in any way we can. We have a long history of excellent customer service. We have been in the steel building manufacturing business since 1962, so we have been supplying building systems to our friends and neighbors for almost 60 years, and our reputation for taking good care of our customers cannot be beaten by anyone in the industry.

    We were full-service (providing concrete and installation of the building) for almost 20 years, and we know what it takes to install the metal building efficiently. Our detailers try to look at projects from an erectors perspective to lower the cost and time for building erection. We prefabricate to the most significant extent possible because it is more efficient to do the work in the controlled environment of a shop than out in the field. We weld the clips in place, so you don’t have to bolt them on. We make up all the X bracing, ready to drop in place (most of our competitors ship rolls of cable, boxes of parts, and an instruction manual describing how to do the work that we have already done for you). Most of our drafting team has spent time out on the job site, so they understand how important it is that things fit together correctly.

    We really care. Our sales and customer service team takes great pride in making sure each customer had the best possible experience when they buy a steel building from PBS. We have a tremendous amount of “repeat customers” because we took such good care of them the last time they bought from us. We enjoy many long-term relationships with customers because we are easy to work with, and we respond quickly to any question or problem that the customer may have.

    We offer value engineering. With all the experience in this business that we bring to the table, we are often able to guide the customer towards a more efficient approach that can provide the same function at a lower overall cost. We encourage our customers to send us the drawings and specs of a project so we can estimate your metal building as intended by the architect. Our estimating department will always give advice or alternates to make the building more efficient to lower cost, sometimes with only minor changes.

    Many erectors are able to install a PBS building at less expense than other brands, helping the project go quicker, saving both time and money. If additional parts are needed, (occasionally parts are damaged on-site, or minor changes occur in the field) we usually can fabricate and ship the required additional metal building components within a couple of business days.

    There is a tangible difference in the product we provide, such as: 

    Paint: We provide a heavy coat of enamel paint on the primary structural steel, not just a thin coat of ugly dark primer like most manufacturers. We offer you a choice of colors for this paint (light blue is most popular, but green, red, grey, and cream are also available at no extra cost, with only a modest increase in price for white). All of our secondary framing (purlins and girts, doors and window framing, base and gable angle) is galvanized, both for longer life span and also much better light reflection.

    Clips: Shop welded for added strength and ease of erection.

    Bracing: Cut to length with all the hardware already in place for faster erection.

    Long trims: All of our trim pieces are in 20’-3 lengths, so no short splices can be seen. After all, looking at the outside, it is the trim that people often notice.

    I-Beam end frames: Most manufacturers use lightweight channels for the end wall framing, but PBS always uses heavy steel I Beams because it is easier to erect, and it provides a strong, safe stable building.

    More about Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings