Why Pacific Building Systems is the Right Choice for Your Community or School Building

Back-to-school season is here, though this is not your typical start to a new school year. Schools across the country are grappling on how to safely bring students and educators back into the classroom while keeping them safe. The approach each school system will take is going to vary from location to location, but one thing is clear across the board: crowded classrooms and crammed halls where it’s impossible to practice social distancing protocols are no longer acceptable.

Though it’s painfully obvious now, this problem existed long before COVID-19 upended our society. Schools and other community buildings have always had a need for additional space to serve their growing community- and this need is greater than ever before. Many school leaders have found a practical solution in prefabricated steel buildings as it offers the versatility and functionality that schools demand. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to expand the square footage and functionality of an existing structure, a steel metal building is an efficient and cost-effective way to add more space to your school.

Why Choose Steel for School Buildings?

Steel buildings are some of the sturdiest, most cost-effective structures you can build. Whether it is for an auditorium, classroom, athletic facility, gymnasium or multi-purpose room, the possibilities are endless when building with steel. Today’s pre-engineered steel building systems can be used either alone or in combination with traditional building materials to achieve the exact architectural appearance you desire. Not to mention the operating costs of metal buildings are the lowest possible on the market today. Superior thermal efficiency reduces heating and cooling bills, and space-age finishes and metal standing seam roofs cut maintenance costs to the minimum.

Why Pacific Building Systems (PBS)?

There are many steel building companies to choose from, but there are unique advantages to using Pacific Building Systems (PBS). Our buildings are cost-effective, easy to assemble, and completely customizable. We ship our metal building kits anywhere in the United States and Canada, ready for assembly. Your school will benefit from our efficient and cost-saving manufacturing process, uncompromising customer service, sound engineering, state-of-the-art computerized design, and fabrication methods and access the best in today’s building materials. The end result is a superior, long-lasting metal building to add to your student’s learning experience for years to come.

Every school building we design is unique, and projects range dramatically in size. From mid-sized classrooms to large gymnasiums or auditoriums, our engineers ensure that you meet the building code and industrial requirements for your intended use. PBS has a design – or will gladly work with you in developing a custom solution – that will be attractive, efficient in use, easily finished inside, and meet the strictest building codes and industry methods and standards.

PBS also offers solutions by expanding or renovating your current building to fit the needs of your growing school. Saving you both time and money, as you can build onto existing spaces such as

  • Auditoriums
  • Classrooms
  • Indoor recreational facilities
  • Gymnasiums
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Multi-purpose athletic facilities
  • Theaters

Schools Need Flexibility and Options to Customize

We offer a wider range of options to choose from than most other steel building manufacturers. With a PBS-engineered building system, interior layout possibilities are practically unlimited, enabling you to precisely meet your school’s needs. Various elements can be easily incorporated into your structure, such as metal roofing, insulated panels, liner panels, partition walls, and gravel, or concrete floors. We can also help you choose door placement, windows, interior finishes, and any other details for your building. Exterior finishes on PBS buildings conform to the highest industry standards and are available in a wide variety of colors and panel profiles.

Schools Rely on Experience and Support

Our team of pre-engineer steel building experts has been working in the metal building industry for over 40 years and is experienced in manufacturing all types of buildings. We assist our customers with every aspect of their building and offer technical support from the planning phase to the final stages of each project. PBS will help you determine the most suitable style of construction and guide you in selecting the right design solution to give you maximum efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

We are Among the Most Cost-Efficient Steel Building Manufacturer on the Market

Multiple field cost-reducing steps are planned into each PBS pre-engineered building. Our buildings are computer designed, thus assuring you the most cost-efficient and latest in technological engineering. This approach saves our clients both time and money, making us very competitive in the market.

Every structural member has all appropriate clips and angles welded in place prior to delivery. Structural connections are designed to assemble with a minimum of field labor, and siding and roofing panels are pre-cut to length. All flashing and trim is designed specifically for each building, and time efficiency is further enhanced by our standard practice of supplying surplus structural bolts, fasteners, and sealers.

When it Comes to Buildings, Schools Need Speed & Efficiency

Pacific Building Systems’ buildings are renowned for how easy they are to assemble and erect. Our speed of response in the earliest design phase saves significant costs for the school. Weeks of traditional design time can shrink to days, with a corresponding decrease in total completion time of the project. Faster, better design and engineering with the PBS team also means faster, more trouble-free building erection and quicker building occupancy. And the sooner you’re in your building, the sooner you can meet your school community’s needs.

How Does it Work?

PBS does not participate in any construction field but focuses on the goal of producing the highest quality steel buildings which are designed for ease of installation. All of the components of the structure are fabricated off-site under precise factory conditions and come ready to assemble. We design and manufacture all the X bracing, ready to drop in place and weld the clips in place – replacing the concept of “bolting on location.” We then deliver direct to your site using our own fleet of trucks. We’re experts at packaging building systems; therefore, you’re assured of on-time delivery and undamaged components.

There is simply no way to get a better or more economical building to meet your school requirements than a metal building system designed and engineered by Pacific Building Systems. With endless design possibilities and hundreds of components, your PBS metal school building will be a place for your community’s youth to learn, gather, and grow for years to come.

About Pacific Building Systems

Located in Woodburn, Oregon, Pacific Building Systems has been manufacturing steel structures for clients in the Northwest, Alaska, and Hawaii with the finest quality pre-engineered building systems since 1962. As a family-owned and privately-operated metal building manufacturer, we design, detail, draft, engineer and produce superior metal building systems and metal building components, while providing uncompromising customer service. We have the experience, knowledge, and dedication to take on any project and would be pleased to work with you. Give us a call at 503-981-9581 and we’ll be happy to discuss your next project.

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