Steel Buildings Are Good For Agricultural Businesses

National Farmers Day, a day to honor the hard-working men and women who provide food for our tables, was celebrated this month (October 12th). Of the many essential businesses and jobs that we rely on today, there is perhaps none more essential than farming. This got us thinking about the growing challenges that agricultural businesses are facing today and how to solve them. Many farmers are addressing these challenges by embracing prefabricated steel buildings

The engineers at Pacific Building Systems (PBS) have designed a variety of agricultural & storage buildings that are ideal for farmers including: Steel barns, Fruit processing buildings, Bulk storage, Machinery, and heavy equipment, and Nurseries. In this post, we’ll explain why steel buildings are good for agricultural businesses, especially ones manufactured by PBS. 

What Advantages Do Metal Buildings Offer that Traditional Construction Does Not?  

Farmers are continuously facing harsh, unpredictable natural elements like drought, heatwaves, wildfires, and flooding. Pre-manufactured steel buildings are some of the sturdiest, most cost-effective structures available and in many cases, will withstand these elements. Not only are our buildings strong, but they are also versatile. Today’s pre-engineered steel building systems can be used alone or in combination with more traditional construction methods to meet your precise agricultural needs. Not to mention, the operating costs of metal buildings are the lowest possible on the market today. 

Why Trust PBS over other Steel Building Manufacturers? 

We understand the needs of farmers better than most steel building manufacturing companies can. In fact, PBS is one of the top agricultural building manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest. For generations, PBS has worked to meet the agricultural building needs all over the region and like many of our client’s agriculture businesses, our company is family owned and operated. 

Our seasoned experience in the agriculture industry combined with sound engineering and superior steel has earned the trust of farming businesses throughout the region. “Product processing and warehouse needs at Scenic Valley Farms have definitely been improved thanks to your team of experts at PBS working with us on production flow and building needs,” says Robert Zielinski Jr. Owner, Scenic Valley Farms. “Excellent problem solvers and outstanding service. Thank you so much!” 

How Does Our Agriculture Industry Experience Impact Storage Buildings?

Agricultural storage can be tricky and requires a great deal of knowledge and thought. If one is not careful, a poorly designed storage building can end up costing farmers thousands of dollars or more. Hundreds of farmers have trusted our custom agricultural storage buildings to store everything from bulk produce to machinery and equipment, and it’s easy to see why. We account for critical harvest-processing details, including height requirements for conveyor belts and elevators, and can design refrigeration buildings that meet individual crop requirements. We also consider ventilation, weight and volume pressures, and building capacity during the design process.

We can identify solar-efficient updates that will help you better control your energy costs. These updates will optimize your energy use, eliminate electrical waste and loss, and can even power your metal building with renewable solar energy. This will save your company thousands of dollars each year on energy.

Do Our Buildings Meet Code? 

Every building we design is unique to our client, and projects range dramatically in size. From small metal barns to expansive dairy barns, our engineers ensure you meet the building code and industrial requirements for your intended use. Whether your building needs require a standard or custom design, PBS will gladly design to your specifications. 

What Else Does PBS Offer? 

Top-quality custom building systems.

With computerized design, our clients benefit from the most cost-efficient and latest in technological engineering available today, saving both time and money and ensuring the longevity and value on their investment. PBS offers clear span buildings without interior columns. Single span or multi-span systems can also be erected in a wide range of dimensions and roof slopes. By offering increased clear span options and varied roof pitches for metal barns and equipment storage buildings, PBS can fully meet a client’s specifications while maintaining building strength and longevity.


Multiple field cost-reducing steps are planned into each PBS pre-engineered building. Every structural member has all appropriate clips and angles welded in place prior to delivery. We design structural connections to assemble with a minimum of field labor, and siding and roofing panels are pre-cut to length. All flashing and trim is designed specifically for each building, and time efficiency is further enhanced by our standard practice of supplying surplus structural bolts, fasteners, and sealers.

Reliable service and on-time delivery.

We also deliver directly to your site using our own fleet of trucks. Because we are experts at packaging building systems, our clients are assured of on-time delivery, and undamaged components. This approach saves our clients both time and money, making us very competitive in the market. Not to mention, we offer a 30-Year Warranty because we proudly stand behind our products, our service, and the long-term relationships we have with every one of our customers.
Whether you are in the initial planning stages of your agricultural building or have already finalized your plans, we will work to make your building a reality. When you’re ready to start your next building project, give us a call at 503-981-9581.

About Pacific Building Systems

Located in Woodburn, Oregon, Pacific Building Systems has been manufacturing steel structures for clients in the Northwest, Alaska, and Hawaii with the finest quality pre-engineered building systems since1962. As a family-owned and privately operated metal building manufacturer, we design, detail, draft, engineer and produce superior metal building systems and metal building components, while providing uncompromising customer service. We have the experience, knowledge, and dedication to take on any project and would be pleased to work with you. Call us at 503-981-9581 and we’ll be happy to discuss your next project.

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