How to Properly Winterize Your Steel Building

Use Our Winter Maintenance Checklist to Winterize Your Steel Building and Keep it in Top Shape This Winter!

Winter weather is coming, and we’re making a list so you can check it twice! We are, of course, referring to our steel building winter maintenance checklist that will help you properly winterize your steel building so it can be enjoyed year-round. 

Steel buildings are widely known for their strength and durability, but freezing temperatures combined with exposure to wind, rain, and heavy snow can impact the lifespan of the building without proper maintenance. Even though pre-engineered steel buildings manufactured by Pacific Building Systems (PBS) are known for their resistance to natural elements, we recommend doing some very basic maintenance each season to prepare your building for the winter.

✔ Inspect Your Roof & Clear Away Debris

Remove any twigs, branches, leaves, pine needles, and dirt from the roof. Look for any holes or irregularities like missing shingles, corrosion, or damaged frames, purlins, or joists. Arrange for any necessary repairs to maintain the steel structure and performance of your roof.

✔ Examine All Seals

Look for any sign of cracks or voids in the seals around skylights, ridge vents, roof/smoke hatches, windows and doors. Reinforce any damaged or worn seals with a weatherproof sealant if necessary.

✔ Clear Out Your Gutters

Maintaining and cleaning your gutters at least once or twice a year is one of the most important steps you can take to winterize your steel structure. Dirt, debris and leaves tend to collect in your gutters over time which can cause expensive damage to the roof, siding and interior walls by disrupting the flow of melting snow, ice rain away from your steel building. Also check to ensure all gutters and downspouts are secure and replace any damaged gutters and drains.

✔ Give the Exterior of the Building a Good Wash

Using a soft-bristled brush or a pressure washer set to low, gently clean the exterior of your prefabricated steel building with warm water mixed with a mild household cleaner thoroughly with water. Rinse thoroughly once you are done.

✔ Cut Back Any Overgrown Trees & Bushes Near Your Building

Ice and heavy snow can accumulate on branches during the winter that could potentially cause unnecessary wear and tear to your roof and siding. Trim away any foliage or overgrown branches on trees and bushes that are close to your building.  Remove any foliage that could damage the steel panels in strong winter winds.

Is Your Metal Structure Insulated?

If you purchased your building through Pacific Building Systems and opted for insulation as part of your package, it is likely that your metal structure has fiberglass blanket insulation, the type most commonly used on construction projects. When installed correctly, the insulation should keep your building warm for decades. All available insulating techniques can be applied to meet your specific needs. 

Whether your building needs are in the agricultural, commercial, industrial or retail, manufacturing, educational, or recreational markets, or you need a new house of worship, Pacific Building Systems offers a complete range of structural systems to meet your requirements. All our parts are manufactured to the highest standards utilizing the best materials available to the metal buildings’ industry. Our buildings are manufactured to withstand even the harshest of winters with features like: 

  • Heavy Framing — ensures stability, strength, and longevity.
  • 26 Gauge Roof and Wall Panels — strength, stability, and quality for the long haul.
  • Enamel Painted Frames — prevents rust and enhances appearance.
  • Galvanized Roof Purlins and Wall Girts — protects and ensures longevity.

Whether you are in the initial planning stages of your steel building or have already finalized your plans, we will work to make your building a reality. When you’re ready to start your next building project, give us a call at 503-981-9581. You can also contact our Components Department if you have any questions or if you need any parts to winterize your building.

About Pacific Building Systems

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