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PBS Agricultural Steel Buildings are
Built to Last for Generations

Steel Building Kits Like the Ones Manufactured at Pacific Building Systems (PBS) are Essential to Preserving the Agriculture Industry in Communities Like Spokane, WA and Throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Agriculture businesses are perhaps one of the most underappreciated industries in our society, and yet the most essential. By producing a steady, consistent food supply, farmers and ranchers in Pacific Northwest communities like Spokane, WA feed the population in the United States and around the world.

For generations, agriculture workers have been at the very heart of our way of life here in the Pacific Northwest, but the industry faces unprecedented challenges. Between rising costs, lack of natural resources, ongoing trade wars, and increasing environmental disasters, modern farming in the Pacific Northwest is being tested like never before.

While we cannot solve every problem, we can offer farmers high quality prefabricated agricultural steel buildings as an affordable, long-lasting solution to protect valuable assets, and store equipment, seed, livestock and more.

Pacific Northwest Communities Like Spokane, WA are Key to the Agriculture Industry

Farming is a way of life in agricultural rich communities like Spokane and the surrounding region. According to the Advantage Spokane, “Whitman County, just south of Spokane, is the #1 wheat producing county in the United States and ranks #2 in the country for barley production. Washington State is the leading U.S. producer of apple juice, and the second-largest wine producer in the United States with over 800 licensed wineries.” 

Spokane is also an example of a community that relies on multi-generational agriculture businesses passed onto the next generation of farmers. It is essential that today’s farmers equip their businesses with the tools they need to set the next generation of farmers up for success. Investing in steel building kits, like the ones manufactured by PBS, helps ensure that the farm’s assets will be well protected for future generations.

Legacy Buildings

Our steel structures are what we call “legacy buildings”, meaning we build them to last for generations. Like many Pacific Northwest agriculture businesses, Pacific Building Systems is family-owned and privately-operated. Perhaps more than many other metal building manufacturers, we understand the importance of passing on a family business to the next generation.

Why Are Buildings Manufactured By PBS Better for Agriculture Businesses?

There are plenty of other steel building manufacturing companies to choose from, but there are distinct advantages to working with Pacific Building Systems for your agricultural steel building.  For generations, our company has successfully produced superior metal building systems and metal building components for farmers, including: Steel barns, fruit processing buildings, bulk storage, machinery, and heavy equipment, nurseries and more.

Grounded in the Pacific Northwest, we’re one of the most trusted sources for long lasting prefabricated metal buildings for agriculture businesses in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska and Hawaii – here’s why:

  • We understand the needs of farmers better than most steel building manufacturing companies can. For generations, PBS has worked to meet the agricultural building needs in the region, and like many of our client’s agriculture businesses, our company is also family owned and operated.
  • PBS offers clear span buildings without interior columns. By offering increased clear span options and varied roof pitches for metal barns and equipment storage buildings, PBS can fully meet a client’s specifications while maintaining building strength and longevity. 
  • We understand that agricultural storage can be tricky, and requires precise conditions and extensive knowledge of the industry. If one is not careful, a poorly designed storage building can cost farmers hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. We consider ventilation, weight and volume pressures, and building capacity during the design process.
  • Whether it’s a small metal storage unit or an expansive dairy barn, the engineers at PBS will ensure you meet the building code and industrial requirements for your intended use. Whether your building requires a standard or custom design, PBS will gladly design to your specifications. 
  • Our engineers account for critical harvest-processing details, including height requirements for conveyor belts and elevators, and can design refrigeration buildings that meet individual crop requirements. 
  • We can recommend customized insulation options for aspects regarding energy efficiency. We can also identify solar-efficient updates that will help farmers better control energy costs by optimizing energy use and eliminating electrical waste and loss. 
  • Our pre-engineered agricultural steel buildings can be used alone or in combination with more traditional construction methods to meet your precise needs.
  • Farmers save time and money when working with Pacific Building Systems, because we have put many field cost-reducing steps into each PBS pre-engineered building. Every structural member has all appropriate clips and angles welded in place prior to delivery. Structural connections are designed to assemble with minimal field labor, and siding and roofing panels are pre-cut to length. 
  • We can help you choose door placement, interior finishes, and any other details for your building. Various elements can be easily incorporated into your structure, such as metal roofing, insulated panels, liner panels, partition walls, and gravel or concrete floors.
  • With computerized design, our clients benefit from the most cost-efficient and latest technological engineering available today, saving both time and money and ensuring the longevity and value of their investment. 
  • We also deliver directly to your site using our own fleet of trucks. Because we are experts in packaging building systems, our clients are assured of on-time delivery, and undamaged components. This approach saves our clients both time and money, making us competitive in the market.

Pacific Building Systems – Providing Superior Design Engineering and Fabrication of Cost-Efficient, Attractive Metal Structures Since 1962

Pacific Building Systems is the premier metal building component manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a metal building structure or adding metal roofing or metal siding to an existing structure, we can help. PBS does not participate in any construction field, but focuses on producing the highest quality steel buildings, which are designed for ease of installation. Whether you are in the initial planning stages of your agricultural steel building or have already finalized your plans, we will work to make your building a reality. Click here to see examples of some of our work in the agriculture industry. When you’re ready to start your next building project, call 800-727-7844.

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