Why Do Steel Structures Manufactured By PBS Last So Long?

Searching for a pre-engineered steel building that will last for generations and require minimal maintenance? Invest in a steel structure manufactured by Pacific Building Systems (PBS)!

Longevity. It’s one of the top reasons business and property owners give when asked why they chose to invest in a steel building system. Who can blame them? Steel structures tend to retain their value longer than other buildings, and are considered the sturdiest, most cost-effective structures money can buy.  Customers see an immediate return on their investment, as steel buildings are designed to last for decades and require little maintenance. 

Steel is an ideal construction material due to its durability and unique properties. Unlike wooden structures, steel building systems do not rot or warp over time from lingering moisture in the air, an important consideration in parts of the country with wetter climates like the Pacific Northwest. They are stout structures that require minimal maintenance and will last a lifetime or more if taken care of.  

At Pacific Building Systems (PBS), we refer to our steel structures as legacy buildings, meaning we build them to last for generations. For nearly 60 years, customers from various industries, including the industrial, commercial, agricultural, aviation, government, and community sectors, have trusted Pacific Building Systems for high-quality, affordable steel building components. Just take a look at this 59-year-old steel building structure we manufactured for Steffen Systems, a hay and farming equipment manufacturer located in Salem, OR.

Steffen Systems Steel Structure Exterior Photo
Steffen Systems Steel Building Interior Photo
Steffen Systems Steel Building Interior Photo

As you can see, the building is as sturdy as ever and likely to last decades more!

So the question begs, how do we do it? Why do steel building systems manufactured by PBS last for so long and require such minor maintenance? 

The short answer is our prefabricated metal building kits are designed and manufactured using the highest quality steel in the industry. The attention to detail that we give to our metal building components adds strength and consistency to our metal buildings, so they retain their original beauty and value through the decades.  Here are some other factors that affect the longevity of steel buildings manufactured by PBS. 

All panels have protective coatings over quality paint for long-lasting protection.

Unlike most manufacturers, we use a heavy coat of high-quality enamel paint on the primary structural steel columns and rafters, not merely a thin coat. Additionally, our true enamel paint (not just primed/oxide layer) on our structural steel members ensures a long-lasting product and adds a level of aesthetics above the competition. We also help retain the life of our buildings by providing painted-metal sag braces (something that many of our competitors do not offer), which ensures the wall secondary members and wall panel screw lines are straight, resulting in a better-looking installation.  

We only offer galvanized secondary framing.

Anyone who builds anything in the Pacific Northwest will tell you the corrosive environment of the Pacific Ocean can wreak havoc on building structures. For that reason, we have elected to only offer our secondary material in G9) galvanized, ensuring problem-free secondary members. All purlins and girts, doors and window framing, base and gable angle are G-90 galvanized to keep moisture from penetrating the integrity of the steel, resulting in a longer life span. 

All building components at PBS were designed to last for decades.

Unlike some manufacturers, we never cut corners. Some of our competitors use lightweight channels for the end wall framing, but PBS always uses heavy steel I Beams because it is easier to erect, and provides a strong, safe, stable building. All screws in our building kits have neoprene washers that are designed to withstand the elements for the life of the building. We also include shop-welded clips for added strength and ease of erection.

Some of the top engineers in our industry are on our team.

We know steel building structures, better than anyone. It is what we have done for almost 60 years. When you are working with the engineers at PBS, your building will be designed by the most experienced and knowledgeable metal building professionals in the industry. They understand your specific building needs and requirements are unique, so they will help guide you through your best options, so you can be assured you are selecting the right design for maximum efficiency and low maintenance. After making an informed decision, we will then design, detail, draft, engineer, and produce a superior metal building system for your steel building project. 

To summarize, metal buildings manufactured by PBS are high-quality, durable structures built to last. All our parts are produced to the highest standards utilizing the best materials available in our industry. 

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a metal building structure or adding metal roofing or metal siding to an existing structure, there are countless advantages in working with a premier metal building component manufacturer like PBS. For over 50 years, we’ve provided high-quality, affordable steel building components to various industries, including the industrial, commercial, agricultural, aviation, government, and community sectors. When you purchase a pre-engineered building with PBS, you can relax knowing that you purchased the strongest building available in the industry.

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