Why Building Erectors Prefer Pacific Building Systems

It’s easy to appreciate the appeal of a Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB). A well-designed PEMB will result in a low maintenance, cost-effective, high performance building that will last for generations. For nearly 60 years, customers from various industries have trusted Pacific Building Systems (PBS) for high-quality, affordable steel buildings. But to get this result, you can’t cut corners! That is why choosing a steel building erector to assemble the PEMB is such an important decision. 

When you purchase a pre-fabricated metal building kit from PBS, you will not only have access to decades of experience and expertise, but you will also benefit from the long-standing relationships we have established with PEMB erectors throughout the Pacific Northwest. We recently published a post explaining the key differences between General Contractors and Steel Building Erectors.  In this post, we are following up with the reasons WHY building erectors prefer Pacific Building Systems over other steel building manufacturers. 

The team of engineers at Pacific Building System supports our customers in every aspect of our buildings, from the planning phase to the final stages of each project. However, we do not participate in the construction process. That’s where a PEMB erector comes in. Steel Building Erectors are highly skilled workers who specialize in installing all pre-fabricated components and elements of the metal building structure and insulation.

Partnering with a PBS preferred steel building erector means one-stop shopping and ease of transaction.

For the most optimal prefab metal purchase, we typically advise our customers to partner with one of our preferred building erectors. Not only does it save our clients time, it usually guarantees you will receive the highest quality of workmanship for the best price. Our design and fabrication methods help them install our buildings faster than other brands, minimizing field labor expenses, and saving our clients time and money. It will also bring peace of mind knowing that the erector has earned our confidence and will assemble your steel building project with precision and efficiency. 

Choosing a preferred erector will allow you to talk to them about your county codes and regulations for the building, resulting in an easier permitting process. You will also not have to waste your valuable time between our company and the erector, as they already have a relationship with us, and know who to contact to resolve any technical issues that could occur during the construction phase. 

Steve Baer, owner of Erectors, Inc. in Milwaukie, OR agrees. “Our team appreciates working with the PBS team, since they are local with a highly responsive management team,” he says. “They treat our requests and questions as if we were the customer. PBS offers a small business feel mixed with the ability to produce complex projects. Any damaged materials or misfabs are addressed promptly, which helps Erectors, Inc. continue to meet customer deadlines and solve challenges in a timely manner”.

Here are some other reasons why Steel Building Erectors like Erectors, Inc and Northwest Erection Specialists Value Pacific Building Systems:

#1 - Superior Quality of our Metal Building Components

Working with higher quality components sets building erectors up for success. Our prefabricated metal building kits are designed and manufactured using the highest quality steel in the industry. The attention to detail that we give to our metal building components adds strength and consistency to our metal buildings, so they retain their original beauty and value through the decades.

#2 - High Speed of Response

Pacific Building Systems’ speed of response makes the process seamless for the erector, which ultimately saves significant costs for the new building owner. Weeks of traditional design time can shrink to days, with a corresponding decrease in the completion time of the project. Faster, better design and engineering with the PBS team also means faster, more trouble-free building erection and faster return on investment.

#3 - High Standards of Professionalism & Service

The professionals at Pacific Building Systems (PBS) have a reputation for being easy to work with, a sentiment that Ron Leslie, President at Northwest Erection Specialists Philomath, Oregon, reflects in a recent testimonial. “It is a pleasure working with everyone at Pacific Building Systems,” he says. “Your structures are excellent, along with your customer service – we’re very pleased and proud of the end results. Thank you so much, PBS!”

#4 - Reliable, Professional Delivery

We deliver direct to your site using our own fleet of trucks. We’re experts at packaging building systems, so you’re assured of on-time delivery and undamaged components.

#5 - Experience

You simply can’t put a price on nearly 60 years of experience in the metal building industry. Our team of pre-engineer steel building experts have manufactured buildings in almost every industry, ranging from small shops, agricultural buildings, airplane hangars, commercial building complexes, and multi-million-dollar power plants.

Whether your building needs are in agricultural, commercial, industrial or retail, manufacturing, educational, or recreational markets, or you need a new house of worship, Pacific Building Systems offers various structural systems to meet your requirements. Contact our team today to discover why our commercial steel buildings are advantageous for your business.

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