Spotlight on Our Steel Community Building Projects

Why is Pacific Building Systems the best choice for Your Community Building or Auditorium?

If we’ve learned anything this past year, we have learned that most of us need human connection and that gathering spaces like auditoriums and community centers are vital to our well-being. Local communities are constantly changing and evolving, but many have found practical solutions to their growth with prefabricated steel buildings from Pacific Building Systems (PBS). 

As one of the most experienced manufacturers of metal auditoriums and churches in the Pacific Northwest, we know that when we design and engineer a steel community building, we’re not just creating a structure. We’re partnering with a community of people to provide a place to come together.

Steel buildings are some of the sturdiest, most cost-effective structures you can build. Whether it is for an auditorium, a theater, a reception hall, or other event spaces, the possibilities are endless when building with steel. Our pre-engineered steel building systems can be used either alone or in combination with traditional building materials to achieve the exact architectural appearance you desire.

Community Building Spotlight

When the Mt. Angel Community Foundation needed a new space to accommodate their annual Oktoberfest event, they put their trust in Pacific Building Systems to design and engineer a special gathering place that could be customized to meet their needs and require little to no structural maintenance.  

Our team of pre-engineer steel building experts understood the project requirements would be unique and took the time to listen to our client’s needs and objectives, budget, and timeline. Through multiple conversations with members of the organization, we determined the right design solution that would give them maximum occupancy and efficiency at the lowest possible cost. The result was a high-quality, custom community building system that opened in time for the 2011 Oktoberfest.

Each year, the popular Festhalle serves as Oktoberfest’s Biergarten and hosts multiple festivals throughout the year. It has also been a wonderful space for receptions, celebrations, large meetings, and concerts.

Community Building Project Spotlight - Interior Photo of Mt. Angel Festhalle

Here are a few reasons why so many community leaders have relied on Pacific Building Systems (PBS) for their steel community building projects:

  • Our buildings go up to 3X to 5X faster than conventional construction. Our finely-tuned design and fabrication methods help erectors install our buildings faster than other brands, minimizing field labor expense, saving our clients time and money. 
  • Our custom steel auditoriums are versatile, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing. They can be designed to incorporate various finishing architectural interior and exterior metal wall panels and roofing systems that can be mixed with other construction elements for a functional and beautiful building that will last for generations. 
  • Our prefabricated steel buildings are resistant to corrosion and weathering, which increases the lifespan of the building.
  • We can provide clear-span or multi-span framing options without interior columns for maximized uninterrupted interior floor space usage, ideal for flexible multi-use space.  
  • All our parts are manufactured to the highest standards, utilizing the best materials available to the metal buildings’ industry. 
  • Our prefabricated metal building kits can be customized with insulated metal roof and wall panels that can significantly decrease energy costs. 
  • PBS’s in-house team of experts will work with you to design and engineer a metal building that meets your specifications and requests, including mezzanines and balconies of any size. 
  • Your prefabricated steel auditorium or community building will ship quickly to anywhere in the United States.

Listening to our clients and flexibility in solving their needs is a hallmark of PBS and one of the reasons we receive so much repeat business from our customers. Contact our team today to discover why our commercial steel buildings are advantageous for your business.

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Located in Woodburn, Oregon, Pacific Building Systems has been manufacturing steel structures for clients in the Northwest, Alaska, and Hawaii with the finest quality pre-engineered building systems since 1962.

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