Pacific Building System’s Featured Employee – Adam Hiscox

It’s time for another employee highlight!

As we continue to grow here at Pacific Building Systems, we’re adding more people to our team. Our divisions are composed of diverse talents and backgrounds, with each team member contributing to our collective success. We’re excited to be expanding on these teams!

In this employee spotlight, we are thrilled to introduce you to Adam Hiscox, the newest member of our Components Division. Join us as we learn about Adam’s journey that led him to PBS, his role within our company, and the passions that fuel him beyond the workplace.

When Did You Start Working with Pacific Building Systems?

Adam’s journey with Pacific Building Systems began on a bright summer day—July 24th, 2023. We were hiring for a Components Direct Specialist and hoping to expand this division going into the fall. Adam had an impressive resume and nailed the interview, leading us to feel confident about bringing him on board.

He’s officially been here for one whole month and his presence has been a valuable addition to our team. With his background and experience, he has seamlessly transitioned into his role, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We’re excited to see what his time here with us will hold.

What Have You Learned From Being With Pacific Building Systems?

Adam is no stranger to the steel industry.

His journey into the world of steel products began with his work as both a steel fabricator and a burn table operator. Of this time spent working hands on with steel, Adam said this was, “My initial introduction to the world of steel manufacturing and [it] gave me the opportunity to learn the trade and gain knowledge about the industry.”

This initial exposure must have really ignited his passion for steel manufacturing, and we’re grateful it did because it led him to dive deeper into the intricacies of the trade. Ultimately, this interest in working within the steel industry brought him straight to the doors of PBS.

His time with us has been an opportunity for continued growth and learning, building upon the foundation he established in the early stages of his career. We hope he will continue to learn about what goes into using steel to create our top-of-the-line pre-engineered metal buildings.

What is Your Role Within Pacific Building Systems?

As a vital member of our Components Division, Adam plays a pivotal role in face-to-face sales, providing customers with access to our extensive components inventory.

His expertise ensures that customers receive the guidance and support they need to find the right components for their projects. Through our brick and mortar store in Woodburn, Adam facilitates seamless transactions and offers personalized assistance to every customer who walks through our doors. He’s quickly learning his way around the different components and is able to easily assist customers when they’re inquisitive about a certain component or building package.

How Would You Describe Your Job at Pacific Building Systems?

Adam’s role as a components expert is integral to our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. He serves as a lifeline, supporting both new and existing customers throughout the building process.

His expertise, along with the collective knowledge of the team, ensures that all questions are answered and that customers receive the components they require for successful project completion.

We asked Adam what some of his day-to-day responsibilities are. He remarked, “As a components expert the team and I answer all questions posed by our customers throughout the building process. From the initial introduction to our product lines all the way through the
completion of our customer projects, we provide components inventory for all our
customers’ needs.”

This role is vital in connecting customers to their pre-engineered metal buildings.

How Do You Spend Your Time Outside of Work?

Beyond his professional endeavors, Adam leads a fulfilling life outside of work.

His love for his canine companion, Lucy, is evident through their outdoor adventures together. He spends his free time taking trips with her to national parks and various swimming holes throughout Oregon.

Additionally, he values his role as a support system for his family that are in the Salem area and has also pursued a creative outlet as a self-taught artist. Through oil painting, he channels his creativity, constantly striving to refine his skills and express his artistic vision.

We asked him what made him find a passion for painting, to which he said, “When Covid shut everything down I used painting as an outlet for my creativity and [now] work to improve my skills on a day-to-day basis.”

This is a man of many talents!

Adam’s dedication to his role and his multifaceted interests reflect the depth of character that defines our Pacific Building Systems team. His expertise, commitment to customer satisfaction, and passion for creativity enrich both our workplace and the lives he touches beyond it.

Thank you, Adam, for embodying the values that define our company and for being an integral part of our continued success. We look forward to witnessing your continued growth and contributions as we journey forward together.