Pacific Building System’s Featured Employee – Rodrigo Salinas

Please join us in welcoming our new Components Sales Representative, Rodrigo Salinas! 

Each month, we aim to highlight one of the members of the Pacific Building Systems Team. By shining a spotlight on the incredible people that make PBS what it is, you as our customers get to see who’s bringing your metal building dreams to life. From our design team to sales representatives, we’re here to work together to help you achieve the pre engineered metal building you need.

This time, we have a new employee that we want to introduce to you all. We’ve asked him a bit about his background, his role with PBS, and what his life looks like outside of the workplace.

Please join us in welcoming our new Components Sales Representative, Rodrigo Salinas!

When Did You Start Working with Pacific Building Systems?

Rodrigo is one of our most recent hires at Pacific Building Systems. He has a plethora of life experience that translates well into his work here with us though. We asked Rodrigo about his background, to which he said, “My background is in accounting and I studied it at BYU.” This financial background plays a helping hand in his work here as a sales representative-we’re thankful he has it!

Travel is something Rodrigo is no stranger to and his ability to connect to people in other places is valuable. He’s seen larger cities and small towns and he knows what potential pre engineered metal building buyers may be looking for in each unique location that we serve.

Rodrigo commented, “After college, I decided to leave the state to experience different cities and bounced around to Florida and NYC.” He went on to say that, “While I admired the busy life of larger cities, I missed the quiet peacefulness of Oregon.” With that, he decided to come back home after four years of traveling throughout the country.

While new to the team, Rodrigo is sure to be one of the “familiar faces” around PBS in no time! He remarked, “I am excited to be part of the PBS team and hope to exceed expectations with everyone’s support.”

What Have You Learned from Being with Pacific Building Systems?

As the newest addition to the PBS team, Rodrigo has plenty to learn while he’s here. In his new role he can be expected to assist clients through their components journey. Whether they are making a repair to an already existing pre engineered metal building or they’re picking out components for a specialty project-Rodrigo will be there to make sure they get what they need.

We’re excited to see where Rodrigo will be with his work here in the future and what he can bring to the components department. Our components department is responsible for the selection and distribution of pre engineered metal building components to our customers for their projects and it’s a vital element to our manufacturing process.

What is Your Role Within Pacific Building Systems?

As the newest Components Sales Representative for Pacific Building Systems, we expect we’ll catch Rodrigo most days helping customers navigate their metal building journey. Walking through our office, we may see that he’s helping someone choose a replacement part that will be the best solution to their metal building needs or clarifying an order on a components sale.

How Do You Spend Your Time Outside of Work?

We know that it’s important that our employees fulfill a rich, happy life outside of the workplace. While we never pry, we are always curious about their hobbies and interests-what makes them “them”?!

Rodrigo, being Oregon born and bred, said to us that, “As a standard Oregonian, I enjoy everything to do with the outdoors.” We couldn’t agree more and might we add that you’re in the perfect location for an outdoorsy adventure.

He also mentioned, “Some of my biggest hobbies include snowboarding in the winters and rafting in the summers.” There’s really no better place for year round outdoor activities than Oregon.

Rodrigo went on to say, “This year, I also began getting into mountain biking.” A man of many talents!

Having Rodrigo as the newest member of Pacific Building Systems is something we’re all excited about. We can’t wait to see what remarkable things he does in his role here with us.
Thank you for joining the team, Rodrigo!