Why You Should Purchase Metal Buildings

When it comes to purchasing and constructing
a new building; you have options.

Besides making the decision of whether your building will be for commercial use, agricultural purposes, a church, school, hangar, or something else-you also have the option of what the building material will be. We know that this will come off a bit biased, being a pre-engineered metal building company and all, but let us build a case that would win you over to our side.

There are some building material options that you’re likely to come across, like wood or concrete, during the planning process. We’ll guide you through these two types of buildings, what they have to offer, their limitations, and then go over the metal building option.

It’s important that you consider the limitations, along with the positives, that come when deciding what is the best building material for your purposes. There are some building materials that will work better for certain purposes and some that will not.

Keep reading to learn if pre-engineered metal buildings would best suit your building needs and why you should purchase metal buildings from Pacific Building Systems if so.

Wood Buildings

Let’s start with wood and use a building for agricultural purposes as our example. When most people think of agriculture, they usually envision a big red barn. After all, we all see it in movies and shows, and even as a passerby on the road.

Wood can be a sustainable choice for agricultural storage buildings. At the right moment, at time of purchase, costs may be in your favor and could be on the more affordable side. However, wood prices are known to fluctuate and if you’re on a tight timeline, you may not be able to wait out a high wood market.

There are some additional things to consider when it comes to this building material option too. Weather can have an effect on wood, especially when it comes to wildfires, aging of the wood, and other factors like insects and rot. It may be cost effective at first, but the cost will add up when you have to make frequent repairs.

If you’re looking for more information about steel buildings versus wood buildings, check out our post about why steel is a superior building material to wood.

Concrete Buildings

What can we say about concrete? …Well, let’s admit that it sounds solid right?!

If you are planning on putting together a building in a location that is not in line with the best of conditions-then you made a smart choice with concrete. It is best at retaining heat and or cool air depending on what you are utilizing it for. The concrete building can also take a lot of abuse from the elements and still stand strong.

The biggest problem is the erectors. You need qualified personnel that can make this construction and make it structurally sound-a.k.a masonry workers. You want the process done correctly from the very beginning or you could run into some problems where you then find yourself pouring more money into it than you probably budgeted for.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Pre-engineered metal buildings are what we know best. We know they boast the benefits that come from the other building types (longevity and durability) while still being fairly easy to construct and easy to maintain and repair. While they can be more costly than other building materials, what you get out of them is well worth it.

When we sell you a pre-engineered metal building, our knowledgeable sales reps will walk you through the process that will be needed for the building to be constructed properly and efficiently. They’ll be speaking with the contractor or erector, or whoever is involved in the planning process. They will also assist with making sure that the construction will be as economical as possible because we know how important cost is to growing businesses and those looking for a building for personal use.

We’re also here to make sure you get quality and attentive care in the event any repairs will need to be made to your building. We have a components department that can assist in getting anything you may need for your repair. Also, feel free to visit us at our components store!

Planning your building is a very important process and the age-old phrase, “You get what you pay for” rings true when it comes to building decisions.

While a pre-engineered building may be more costly than other building options, the quality you get will shine through for decades to come.

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