Grand Store Opening Event

Our brick and mortar store is close to opening…
Let the countdown commence!

Next month, we’ll be ceremoniously ushering in a wave of customers to our store, educating the community on who we are and what we offer, and hosting a myriad of fun and exciting activities to kick off this grand opening event.

We are elated to soon be opening the doors of our new shop front on Friday, July 29th at 2140 N. Pacific Highway in Woodburn, Oregon. This new store will be conveniently adjoined to our manufacturing warehouse which will allow for us to have easier access to both metal building components and the ability to provide guidance in constructing your pre engineered building.

At last, you can have full access to the metal building components you need, right when you need them. You can also get helpful advice on the metal building process from our knowledgeable set of staff at the store. With fewer delivery dates to watch for and less time spent arranging for a metal building component to pick up, the parts you need will be right there waiting for you on the shelves. Plus, if you have questions about a component or part of the building process, we’re here to help in person!

We’re thrilled to be opening this store to our customers-so much so that we’re hosting an event to show it off! This grand opening event will take place on Friday, July 29th from 12-2 PM.

Read on and get ready for a grand opening you won’t want to miss.

What You Can Expect

We have a few exciting things taking place during our grand opening event; ranging from 9 AM to 2 PM with the majority of activities taking place from 12-2 PM. To start, we’ll be hosting the Woodburn Chamber of Commerce from 7:30-9:45 AM. They’ll get to take a look at the new store and ask us any questions about who we are and what we do. During this time we’ll also have community greeters who will be educating the community about who Pacific Building Systems is and what our new store can do for those building a pre engineered metal building.

At 9 AM, the Woodburn Chamber of Commerce will be assisting in a ribbon cutting ceremony-no grand opening is complete without a ribbon cutting ceremony! Make sure you’re in attendance a few minutes early if you don’t want to miss this ceremonial moment.

Ribbon being cut with gold scissors

After we officially cut the ribbon and open the doors to our new store, the Woodburn Chamber of Commerce and the community greeters will return to their regularly scheduled Friday duties and we’ll have a brief intermission before the next bout of exciting activities takes place. From 12-2 PM, we’ll continue the festivities with food, refreshments, and plenty of tours and talk about our new store.

After all, it’s not a grand opening without a grand array of food, right? We’ll be serving up plenty of pizza and chicken wings in celebration of it also being National Chicken Wing Day! Show up hungry and leave with a metal building component.

When and Where

Finding our new store is a piece of cake! Our store will be attached to our manufacturing warehouse-if you’ve had to pick up a component from us before, then you’ll already know where to go. If you’re new to the area or haven’t been out to our warehouse for a part pick-up, our warehouse is located at 2100 N. Pacific Highway in Woodburn, Oregon. Having our new store attached right next door to the warehouse ensures a seamless transition from fabrication to the store shelves.

If you’re local to the area, keep an eye out for our grand opening event flyers around town too! These will remind you to save the date-July 29th from 9 AM-2 PM and will offer up all the juicy details on this grand opening event. Contractors we’ve worked with, fellow businesses in the area and friends will be putting up these flyers so keep your eyes peeled. The details of our grand opening event will be on that flyer for safe keeping, or you can pop back over to this blog post for reminders on the where and when of this event.

Pacific Building Systems Components Direct Storefront

The Benefits of the Store

The benefits of this new store are plenty. If it’s a general metal building component, we can now sell it through the store to you and ready it for pick up. Metal building components that are unique to a particular design may however require additional time and preparation still. Check out our blog post on our delivery and shipping process if you have questions about how to get your custom component.

This new brick and mortar store is sure to be a game changer for those constructing a pre engineered metal building. We’ve prepared a variety of parts in stock lengths to provide quick access as well as loaded the shelves with the accessories you’ll need to construct your building. We can have most parts readily available on our store shelves for you.

A faster parts retrieval process means the faster erection of your metal building. You can spend less time waiting for parts and more time enjoying your new pre engineered metal building; utilizing it for your needs much faster than before!

We can’t wait to kick off this grand opening event and we can’t wait to see you there for it! Mark your calendars and prepare to eat, learn and shop.