How Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Save Money Now & Later

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our project managers and engineers have been busier than ever. Business and property owners throughout the Pacific Northwest understand that there is an urgent need to upgrade their infrastructure to provide a safer, more comfortable work environment for employees and the customers they serve, but many of them do not have an unlimited budget at their disposal. 

In this post, we’ll explore how business and property owners can build high-quality buildings in the most economical way possible and the reasons why Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMBs) from Pacific Building Systems (PBS) are a good value. 

Our customers come to us because they want a steel building system that is both high quality and affordable, and they want it now. For example, school administrations have reached out to us requiring fast and affordable extensions of classroom space for their schools. Many agricultural businesses and commercial real estate owners need to quickly update older buildings to improve air quality, expand storage space, and provide their workers more room to spread out and social distance. 

For nearly six decades, Pacific Building Solutions has helped customers save money upfront and in the long run by engineering well designed, long-lasting metal building components for office buildings, government buildings, retail stores, garage/maintenance shops, industrial buildings, manufacturing facilities, agricultural shelters, schools and more.

Why Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Save Money in the Short-Term

Faster Installation & Lower Labor Costs.

Our design and fabrication methods help erectors install our buildings faster than other brands, minimizing field labor expense, saving our clients both time and money. In addition, an erector can be utilized over a General Contractor for simpler shop-type projects, which can help save money. Pre-engineered metal building structures built by Pacific Building Systems are completed on average three to five times faster than conventional construction.

PEMBs are Designed to Be More Efficient.

Each component of our metal building kits is designed for efficiency, minimizing wasted materials. Steps to reduce labor and field costs are planned into each PBS pre-engineered building.

For example, every structural member has all appropriate clips and angles welded in place prior to delivery. Structural connections are designed to assemble with a minimum of field labor, and siding and roofing panels are pre-cut to length. All flashing and trim is designed specifically for each building, and time efficiency is further enhanced by our standard practice of supplying surplus structural bolts, fasteners, and sealers.

More Clear Span for Your Money.

Bays kept under 25’ in width will help keep pricing down. Due to our steel substructure, we are able to run larger bays, and clear-span further distances than other brands’ structures, which ultimately could mean lower costs due to fewer Trusses. Lean-to’s and or additional buildings brake the roofline and add significant engineering time and cost. 

Easier Permitting Process.

Our sales professionals are trained in energy code and can advise customers on the best ways to meet code and ensure a smooth permitting process. We also offer outside engineering services to provide either a monolithic slab design or a pier footing design to help supply a more complete project to make your time on permits easier, and your cost for concrete less.

We offer value engineering.

Sometimes a customer comes to us with a building that is needlessly complicated or oversized. We seek to guide the customer towards a more efficient approach that can provide the same function at a lower cost. For example: saving by switching to different panel types for roofing and siding, offering different styles of canopies (some are much more $$ than others), guidance on how to efficiently design the structure.

Why Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Save Money in the Long-Term

Lower Long-Term Energy Costs.

Metal buildings can be customized to meet energy codes that can significantly decrease energy costs. PBS offers the insulation package as part of the building package, removing a second step from the process, and ensuring the insulation package is custom fit to the building. 

High-Quality Steel Components Reduce Long-Term Maintenance.

Due to the quality and durability of our steel components, the savings will continue over the life cycle of the building. Due to the Galvalume G90 purlins and girts’ non-corrosive nature, rust and corrosion are non-existent in our secondary material, meaning less cost in the long term. Once our building is erected correctly, the only maintenance that you’ll run into is regular cleaning and dusting. If a screw-down roof has been installed, then plan to calk and tighten the loosened screws after about 10-15 years.

Lower Insurance Premiums.

Insurance companies know that metal buildings are usually sturdier, long-lasting, and require less maintenance which means your pre-manufactured building will cost less to insure! Pre-Engineered buildings retain their value longer and are resistant to weather damage and other maintenance nightmares like bore-bees, termite infestation, wood rot, mold, mildew, or other fungi growth.

Less Expensive to Remodel.

If additional space is needed later in time, pre-engineered steel buildings are simple and less expensive to remodel. PBS building systems can be supplied with various types of metal wall panels, fascia, canopies, and curved eaves, and are designed to accommodate pre-cast concrete wall panels, curtain walls, block walls, as well as other wall systems. 

Buildings are Highly Customizable to Suit Your Needs.

We are a solution-oriented company that specifically works on customer projects, excelling at projects that are outside the norm. Our buildings are highly customizable, so they can be built to suit your long-term needs.

In short, better engineering yields higher quality structural components which typically results in less labor and fewer wasted materials. PBS metal building kits are designed with software specifically set up for our standards, with expert technical staff inputs and checking, thus assuring our customers the most cost-efficient and latest in technological engineering. In addition, we offer numerous buyout options that help meet our customer’s needs, simplifying the project for the customer and lessening their purchasing time.

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