Bulk Storage Buildings From PBS for Agricultural Uses

Approximately 100,000 farms are operating
in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

Most of these are for food production or grass seeding, but one thing they all have in common is that they need strong, long-lasting bulk storage buildings for their products and machinery.

That’s where we come in. We’ve been putting roots down in the agricultural space for over 50 years and we know a thing or two when it comes to creating pre engineered metal buildings for farms. We understand what farms are looking for when it comes to storage and we know how to come up with a solution.

We’ve worked with Pacific Northwest farmers on all kinds of agricultural storage projects. Grass seed sheds, potato storage buildings, seed cleaner storage, tractor and other machinery buildings are just to name a few. We have the experience that farms are looking for when it comes to storage buildings.

While most of our agricultural experience comes from working with Pacific Northwest farms, we’re also available to assist with storage buildings in Alaska, Hawaii, and Montana. Here’s a glimpse at some of the agricultural storage buildings we can create for those in the agricultural industry.

Grass Seed Shed

Grass Seed Shed Bulk Storage Building Exterior

Oregon is the grass seed capital of the world! We’re based in a major region for the grass seed industry and what do these grass seed farms need? Bulk storage buildings for all the grass seed they’re producing. We can provide that.

Our buildings are ideal for grass seed storage because they can retain the storage climate needed to store grass seed year round and in any weather conditions. Because Oregon is home to some unpredictable, and sometimes extreme, weather, we make sure to manufacture pre engineered metal buildings that can withstand the elements. Our buildings make it easy for farmers to keep grass seed in a space that is cool and dry. Even better-if they ever do need to make a repair on a storage building; we have the components necessary to help them patch things up!

Farms can choose from multiple designs for a grass seed shed or work with one of our skilled representatives to help them conceptualize a design that’s unique to their grass seed storage situation. Open air designs, garage doors or other styles can be arranged as part of the pre engineered building that our agricultural clients order from us.

This particular pre engineered metal building features PBR 26 Gauge wall panels and PBR with drip stop 26 Gauge roof panels with standard X-bracing. This makes it incredibly durable and reliable for grass seed storage.

Potato Storage

Potato Storage Bulk Storage Building Interior

Potatoes are a main ingredient in a variety of dishes and are valued around the country because of their versatility-boil em’, mash em’, put em’ in a stew! The challenge that farmers have to face to continue to provide those potatoes is how to store them properly and reliably. Pre engineered metal buildings are the answer to a farm’s potato storage problem.

Because we know that potatoes fare best in conditions where air flow is possible, as opposed to airtight conditions, we can help a farmer develop a building that has adequate ventilation. Through our components department, we can work side-by-side with our farm-owning clients to design a pre engineered bulk storage building that’s perfect for potatoes.

Seed Cleaner Storage

Seed Cleaner Bulk Storage Building Interior

Seed cleaning is an essential process in the production and distribution of seeds. It’s important for seeds to be cleaned before they go out for sale. When farms are operating seed cleaning machinery on a large scale, these seed cleaning operations can take up quite a bit of space.

It can be cumbersome to move this process inside when the weather turns for the worse and having a pre engineered metal building dedicated to housing seed cleaning machines and seeds can make a world of difference to farmers.

Fortunately, we’re right here and ready to help design, prepare and ship a pre engineered metal building directly to them. We have a great team that’s well versed in the agricultural space that can work with farmers and help them acquire the right building for their seed cleaning.

Tractor Storage

Seed Cleaner Bulk Storage Building Interior

No farm is complete without the right tractor. These large and in charge pieces of farm equipment are vital to a smoothly running farm. They may be left outdoors during mild weather or when working consistently on a project, but should have a safe, sturdy, and secure place to be parked in when not being used.

When it comes time to store a tractor, simply parking it under a regular sized carport or garage won’t work. These big machines need big buildings to accommodate them. We have the ability to customize length and height with various door options so our clients in agriculture can have just the right storage building for their equipment. We can customize metal building panels, roof panels, trim, windows and insulation.

We use Clear Span, which is a metal framing system that doesn’t require any interior support. This creates clear driving spaces for farmers to maneuver and park tractors and other large farm equipment.

The agricultural industry is vast and we’re glad we can have our hands, and buildings, in it. If you’re dreaming of a bulk storage building for your farm; whether it’s a crop storage facility, cold storage building, equipment warehouse or a storage building for fertilizer-we’re ready to help make it a reality.

Once your building is well on its way, we can even discuss the best ways for a pre engineered metal building to be optimized for efficiency. Farmers are always finding ways to streamline their processes, keep costs low, and keep efficiency high. We can help our agricultural clients identify solar-efficient updates that will optimize energy use and lower operating costs.

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