Pacific Building Systems and Our Partnership with Oregon Farm Bureau

Oregon is home to over 30,000 farms.
It’s farm country here through and through.

Pacific Building Systems (PBS) has been a staple in the farm community for decades; being known for our steel buildings and being a top agricultural manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest. Our pre-engineered metal buildings are high-quality, long lasting, versatile and cost effective solutions for farmers.

Nearly 7,000 of these farms are associated with Oregon Farm Bureau (OFB). Oregon Farm Bureau is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the agricultural community in Oregon. They help amplify the voices of those farms in both political and regulatory spaces. They also educate the general public about agricultural practices and the local farms in our state.

With approximately 6,700 families associated with Oregon Farm Bureau, having an alliance with them has been a valuable partnership for Pacific Building Systems.

We were connected informally long before any talks of solidifying our relationship began. Pacific Building Systems has served agricultural communities for decades and when Oregon Farm Bureau learned of interest in formalizing a partnership, we began an extensive vetting process.

That process revealed several things:

  • It showed the superior quality of PBS engineering, manufacture and construction.
  • It highlighted our commitment to excellence in service.
  • It revealed a community minded culture throughout PBS that led to the development of a program to support youth through our scholarship program.
  • It made clear that PBS has some of the very best people in the industry.

And so a partnership between the two began!

Deschutes county farm bureau board member and Pacific Building Systems client, Matt Lisignoli, confirmed that partnering with PBS was the right thing to do for OFB. In regard to this, Matt said, “You may be able to find a cheaper building, but you cannot find a better building than a PBS building.”

We’re incredibly honored to be connected to OFB. Keep reading to learn more about our partnership and why it’s so important.

Pacific Building Systems Work with Oregon Farmers

We have carved out our place in the agricultural industry by providing sturdy steel structures to farms all across Oregon.

As a farm owner looking to construct a pre-engineered metal building, when you choose to work with PBS, you’ll see right away why hundreds of other farmers have trusted our agricultural storage buildings. We’ve helped to design buildings that are intended to store everything from bulk produce to machinery and equipment.

We think through the entire process. We account for numerous harvest-processing details and can design buildings that meet individual crop requirements. We also consider ventilation, weight and volume pressures, and building capacity during the design process.

As an added bonus, our steel components division can help you with metal building components throughout the life of your structure. We’re here to help the farms of Oregon have successful, long-running careers in agriculture; one pre-engineered metal building at a time.

Who is Our Partnership with at the Oregon Farm Bureau?


While we’ve connected with many members of the Oregon Farm Bureau, there’s someone in particular whom we interact with the most.

Meet Jacon Taylor

Jacon Taylor at Oregon Farm Bureau

Jacon Taylor has served the Oregon Farm Bureau for the past seven years and currently is the Leadership Engagement and Organization Director. This role allows him to help members in virtually any endeavor that they feel makes a difference in their operation.

“I enjoy Agriculture because you can see the growth happen – the crops grow, the livestock grow and the Farm Bureau allows me to help the members grow. I enjoy empowering members so they can tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.” Jacon remarked about his role with OFB.

Jacon is dedicated to his work with OFB but when he does take time off, he can be found spending it with his wife and four kids in Eugene, Oregon. Once his family has had their fill of some of his classic, if not played out, “Dad jokes,” Jacon will spend time riding “Grace,” his 2018 Harley Davidson Fatboy motorcycle.

If you’re interested in connecting with Jacon and learning more about OFB, you can reach Jacon at

Why This Partnership Matters

Our work with the Oregon Farm Bureau and the farmers of Oregon is highly valuable to us. If we can play one small part in the grand scale of these farms-we’re happy to do so.

Having a reliable storage building is a major asset to these farms. What we’re able to do is provide them with a great quality building and great customer service. From start to finish, we’re here to assist them in every step of the building process.

The partnership with OFB allows us to better connect and assist these farms so they can continue to prosper and grow.

What This Means for the Future of Pacific Building Systems

As more and more family-run, local farms pop up around Oregon, we look forward to being able to work with them on their storage needs. We’re always expanding on how we can best help our clients to achieve their pre engineered building goals.

Because of our connection with OFB, we can continue to grow as leaders in the steel building space and provide excellent storage buildings for members of the Oregon Farm Bureau. It’s a win-win!

We’re pleased to work with the Oregon Farm Bureau and look forward to a long and productive relationship with them.

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