Pacific Building System’s Featured Employee – Frank Corpus

It’s time to highlight another of our valuable employees! We are excited to feature one of Pacific Building Systems’ most important employees: Frank Corpus.

As the Vice President of Purchasing and Administration, Frank is a crucial part of the team at Pacific Building Systems. Through his knowledge and dedication, he helps to ensure the company’s success.

In this blog post, we will delve into Frank’s role at Pacific Building Systems and learn more about his life outside his office walls. Read on to find out what makes Frank such a valued and respected employee of Pacific Building Systems.

When Did You Start Working with Pacific Building Systems?

Frank Corpus has been a part of the Pacific Building Systems staff since 2007. He began his career in the Trim shop spray painting downspouts, and with hard work and dedication was able to progress within the company to several roles, including managing Trim shop, Inventory, document control, purchasing, and eventually becoming the Vice President of a department.

During his time with Pacific Building Systems, Frank has learned a lot about the metal building industry and has become an expert in pre engineered metal buildings specifically. It’s clear that Frank is a key part of Pacific Building Systems and we are proud to feature him as an employee highlight this month.

What Have You Learned from Being with Pacific Building Systems?

Throughout Frank’s career with us, he has held several crucial roles including managing inventory, document control, and serving as a purchasing agent. Each position presented him with unique challenges and lessons, from prioritizing cost and inventory management to meeting strict deadlines and mastering time management.

Frank says that, “Building meaningful relationships with our vendors has been the most rewarding.” The trust and rapport that someone establishes with vendors not only helps to ensure the timely delivery of goods and services, but also fosters a sense of partnership that benefits both parties. Cultivating these relationships is what stands out to Frank when he reflects on his role with PBS.

What is Your Role Within Pacific Building Systems?

In his role, Frank is responsible for managing all purchasing and administrative functions within the organization. When asked about his day-to-day, he said, “My daily operations consist of negotiating expenses and maintaining reliable suppliers who produce quality products. It’s important for me to have good communication, judgment and decision-making skills when working with our vendors.”

Frank has been instrumental in the success of Pacific Building Systems and is often praised by management for his attention to detail and customer service. His work ethic and commitment to quality craftsmanship make him an invaluable member of the team.

How Do You Spend Your Time Outside of Work?

When he’s not working hard on Pacific Building Systems projects, Frank Corpus enjoys spending time with his two twin boys, Rocco and Tyson. His favorite pastimes are bodybuilding and playing golf.

Frank is a valued employee at Pacific Building Systems, and this employee highlight celebrates the work he does to ensure that all of the metal buildings we produce are up to Pacific Building Systems standards.