Featured Project: A PBS Building for Stilson Builders

When it comes to any business, having a reliable space for management, storage, and workspace is paramount.

The construction industry is no stranger to these needs and that’s why pre-engineered metal buildings have become increasingly popular among builders and developers alike.

One such example is a recently completed construction office that Pacific Building Systems was able to provide for Stilson Builders. We supplied the client with the means to erect this building and this is how it went.

What is the Building Intended to Be Used For? Why Did The Buyer Decide a Metal Building Would be Best?

This building is intended for use as an office/shop for a construction company. It will pull double (or quadruple) duty though. It will also include a warehouse and additional storage space.

The owners of this new metal building cited several reasons for their decision to construct a pre-engineered metal building. The first was cost-effectiveness. Metal buildings are known for their affordability, especially when compared to traditional building materials like wood or concrete.

Additionally, the speed at which the building could be constructed was a major factor. Pre-engineered metal buildings are designed and manufactured off-site, making them quicker to install on-site.

Another key factor was flexibility. The owners of the building decided that they wanted to rent out the additional spaces to trade professionals once the building was complete. The flexibility of a pre-engineered metal building allowed them to customize the space to meet the needs of various tenants.

When Did They Start Erecting the Building and How Long Did it Take to Build?

The construction process of this particular metal building started in early December of 2021 and concluded in late January 2022.

The construction process of the pre-engineered metal building involved several important steps. Firstly, the design and engineering of the building components were completed off-site with us here at Pacific Building Systems. Having everything ready to assemble helped to reduce the amount of time required to construct the building on-site.

Once the building components were ready to be shipped, we sent them on their way to their new home in Bend, Oregon. The sub contractor on-site that Stilson Builders contracted would take it from there. Oftentimes, a client of ours will have a steel building erector in mind before purchasing their metal building. If you need guidance in making that decision, we can offer some recommendations. Here’s even more information on this topic.

Were There Any Complications When Erecting the Building and How Were They Resolved?

The construction team was able to complete the project within the expected timeline, despite some small issues with regards to the plans and products being sent. However, these types of challenges are not uncommon in the world of construction, and the team was able to work through them to complete the project on time.

The construction office in combination with storage, warehouse, and shop space is a prime example of the benefits of pre-engineered metal buildings. They are cost-effective, quick to assemble, and offer a high degree of flexibility.

This building space can be customized to meet the needs of various businesses, making a pre-engineered metal building an attractive option for developers and business owners. They really are a great choice for anyone looking to construct a reliable and efficient space for their business.

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