Featured Steel Building Project: Harmer Steel Products in Portland, OR

How Pacific Building Systems (PBS) Transformed an Old Warehouse Building for Harmer Steel Products in Portland, OR

The engineers at Pacific Building Systems (PBS) have earned a stellar reputation for the commercial and industrial buildings we have designed for previous clients. Our business has been built on offering a superior product, uncompromising customer service, state-of-the-art computerized design and fabrication methods, and utilizing the best in today’s building materials. 

Having heard about the high quality and how easy our buildings are to assemble and erect, Harmer Steel Products in Portland, OR came to us in need of a new building that would double as a warehouse and office space. The old building was in need of a major overhaul and could no longer serve the company’s needs. 

Harmer Steel is one of North America’s leading rail products suppliers and provides a wide variety of rail fabrication services. The company has been around since 1926 and keeps both new and used rail and accessories stocked so that they may be shipped quickly to railroads, mines, crane jobs, and other industries.

Like us, the company is built on customer service and superior products, and they needed a space that would reflect their commitment to excellence.

After meeting with our engineers to discuss business requirements and design specifications, we got right to work and designed a building that would meet their needs and ultimately save the company time and resources.

Once the customer made their selections from our PBS metal building components catalog, we designed this 100’x 100′ PBS Prefabricated steel warehouse with 24 Gauge SSR-218 Standing Seam Kynar roofing.

Harmer Steel Featured Steel Building Project, 100' X 100' steel building diagram under a PBS logo

Through the use of sound engineering, superior steel, and seasoned experience, we were able to provide a modern, more energy-efficient, contemporary building that was a better representation of the company and outstanding service they have provided the rail industry throughout the years.  

To save our client time, we pre-fabricated to the most significant extent possible because it is more efficient to do the work in the controlled environment of a shop than out in the field. We also welded the clips in place – replacing the concept of “bolting on location” as well as designed and manufactured all the X bracing so it was ready to drop in place during the building process. 

The new building also features:

  • A commercial storefront entry
  • Overhead doors
  • Heavy Framing – ensures stability, strength, and longevity.
  • 3070 insulated Walk Doors
  • 26 Gauge Wall Panels – strength, stability, and quality for the long haul.
  • Enamel Painted Frames – prevents rust and enhances appearance.
  • Galvanized Roof Purlins and Wall Girts – protects and ensures longevity.

You can see more photos of this amazing transformation in our Prefabricated Steel Building Photo Gallery.

Harmer Steel Products Featured Steel Building Project Before and After Photos
Harmer Steel Products Featured Steel Building Project Before and After Photos

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