What Is Value Engineering & How Does it Help Save on PEMBs?

With all the experience that we bring to the table in this business, we are often able to guide the customer towards a more efficient approach that can provide the same function at a lower cost. This is part of our Value Engineering approach.

Since the pandemic began a year ago, we have observed a spike in demand from both first-time buyers and repeat customers who come to us searching for solutions to expand their workspace, increase storage capacity and provide employees more room to spread out. Many of these companies are on a budget but require a building they can erect quickly and offers high-value, low maintenance, and longevity. Fortunately, a Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) is an ideal solution and is typically 10-20 percent less expensive than conventional buildings.

What Is Value Engineering? 

At Pacific Building Systems (PBS) we understand every business has its unique set of needs and must get the most value out of their investment. That’s where value engineering comes in. Simply put, value engineering is a systematic method of engineering that meets or exceeds the requirements of a project at a lower cost, without compromising quality or workmanship. It does NOT mean using the “cheapest” materials on the market or cutting corners. 

In the Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) industry,  it means recognizing the customers’ unique needs through conversation, then delivering a building that fits their needs and costs less in the short term and/or the long term. With all the experience in this business that we bring to the table, we are often able to guide our customers towards a more efficient approach that can provide the same function at a lower cost.

How Does PBS Use Value Engineering to Help Lower Costs for our Customers? 

We encourage our customers to send us the drawings and specs of a project, so we can estimate your building for its intended use. Sometimes a customer will come to us with a building project that is needlessly complicated or over-sized. Our Relationship Sales Managers, Project Managers, and estimating department will meet with the customer to understand their priorities and, if appropriate, will offer advice or alternates to make the building more efficient to lower the cost, sometimes with only minor changes. For example, by simply switching to different types of panels for roofing and siding, or choosing different styles of canopies can save the customer a substantial amount of money. 

How Does Value Engineering Lower Energy Costs and Maintenance? 

Another way PBS integrates value engineering into our projects is customizing our buildings to meet energy codes which can significantly decrease energy costs over time. We offer insulation as part of the building package, saving our customers time and ensuring they will experience lower energy costs for years to come. Our sales professionals are trained in energy code, ensuring a smooth permitting process.

Our steel buildings are built to last for generations with minimal maintenance. We do this by designing our buildings with software specifically set up for our standards, with expert technical staff inputs and checking, thus assuring you the most cost-efficient and latest in technological engineering. This approach saves our clients both time and money, giving us a competitive advantage in the market. Each structural member is designed for a near to total efficiency, minimizing waste of material.

In Conclusion 

Value engineering requires skills, knowledge, and experience- PBS has this in spades, and it’s one of the many attributes that sets our company apart from the rest. We have an excellent track record of over 5 decades and tens of thousands of buildings that have not failed due to snow, wind, or other load factors that the building has been designed to withstand. 

Pacific Building Systems has manufactured steel structures for clients in the Northwest, Alaska, and Hawaii with the finest quality pre-engineered building systems since 1962. As a family-owned and privately operated metal building manufacturer, we design, detail, draft, engineer, and produce superior metal building systems and metal building components, while providing uncompromising customer service. We have the experience, knowledge, and dedication to take on any project and would be pleased to work with you. Call us at 800-727-7844, and we’ll be glad to discuss your next project.

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