Why PBS is the Best Choice for Commercial Steel Buildings

“I’m extremely pleased with our PBS-designed hangars and lease buildings – excellent quality products, and customer service second to none.” Ken Smith President Juniper Investments Inc.

Like any business, success in commercial construction depends on the satisfaction of the customer. There are other steel building companies on the market today, but unlike many others, PBS puts customer satisfaction above all else.

We do this by taking the time to listen to you. By considering your business needs and objectives, budget, and timeline. We work with you every step of the way – from design to engineering – and deliver a high-quality, custom commercial building system ready to assemble.

There are multiple reasons why commercial steel buildings from Pacific Building Systems (PBS) are the best choice. Our prefabricated metal buildings are ideal for retail stores, industrial buildings, manufacturing facilities, garage/maintenance shops, office buildings, agricultural shelters, and more.

Steel RV covers, retail space, office metal buildings, auto repair metal shops, industrial parks, wineries, breweries, warehouse metal buildings, storage buildings – we’ve built them all (and then some). Our commercial steel buildings can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

Here are some other advantages to purchasing an engineered building system from PBS:

PBS steel buildings have the advantage of being easily modified and expandable.

We’ve been a trusted commercial steel building manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest for over five decades, so we know a thing or two about the versatility of steel for all types of commercial buildings.

Total design flexibility is one of the major advantages that enable metal building systems to claim more than two-thirds of the low-rise non-residential construction market. With a PBS-engineered system, the design possibilities are practically unlimited, enabling you to precisely meet your workflow and storage requirements.

Our engineers have experience with a range of buildings. 

Our engineers have designed various commercial and industrial buildings that are ideal for multiple applications, including power plants, factories, sawmills, automotive facilities, sports centers, veterinary clinics, manufacturing facilities, and more.

We can design clear-span or multi-span framing options without interior columns for maximum interior floor space and maintaining the layout that your facility requires.

We’ll guide you in selecting the ideal design solution. 

Your specific building needs and requirements are unique, and they will determine the most suitable style of construction. PBS will go through your options and guide you in selecting the right design solution to give you maximum efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

After making an informed decision, we will then design, detail, draft, engineer, and produce a superior metal building system for your commercial building project. 

Our buildings go up 3X to 5X faster than conventional construction.

Our finely-tuned design and fabrication methods help erectors install our buildings faster than other brands, minimizing field labor expense, saving our clients both time and money. PBS does not participate in any construction field but focuses on the goal of producing the highest quality steel buildings which are designed for ease of installation. 

Our speed of response in the earliest design phase saves significant cost for the new building owner. Weeks of traditional design time can shrink to days, with a corresponding decrease in total completion time of the project. 

Faster, better design and engineering with the PBS team also means faster, more trouble-free building erection and quicker building occupancy. And the sooner you’re in your building, the sooner your return on investment begins and the sooner you can meet your customer’s needs.

PBS Building Systems require less maintenance than other brands. 

When you purchase a PBS Steel Building, you can be assured you have purchased the strongest building available in the industry. Our steel buildings are manufactured with a heavy coat of high-quality enamel paint that results in an exterior that requires little maintenance.

Prefabricated steel buildings are also resistant to corrosion and weathering, which increases the lifespan of the building and keeps the valuables stored safely inside. There is no need to worry about bore-bees, termites, or wood rot.

Not to mention, a 40-year sheet metal warranty and 50-year structural warranty means that a PBS building will be there to enjoy for generations to come. 

We offer value engineering. 

With all the experience that we bring to the table, we are often able to guide the customer towards a more efficient approach that can provide the same function at a lower cost.

We encourage our customers to send us the drawings and specs of a project, so we can estimate your building as intended by the architect. Our estimating department will always give advice or alternates to make the building more efficient to lower cost, sometimes with only minor changes.

This smoke shop building in Puyallup, WA is a wonderful example of what a prefabricated building system from PBS could look like for you. This 9636 Sq. Ft. commercial building, designed by UIL Architects, features an entry canopy, 24 Gauge Kynar Double-Lok standing seam roofing, 26 Gauge painted PBR and 26 Gauge painted Flat-soffit siding panels.

Here are some additional examples of the work that we can do for your commercial or industrial building. 

Listening to our clients and flexibility in solving their needs is a hallmark of PBS and one of the reasons we receive so much repeat business from our fine customers.

Contact our team today to discover why our commercial steel buildings are advantageous for your business.

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