How Pacific Building Systems Helped to Transform a Local Automotive Business

Pacific Buildings Systems Spotlight on Point S Carpenter’s Tire & Auto Service 

No matter what industry you happen to be in, investing in a prefabricated steel building is one of the most sound decisions a business or property owner can make. Not only are steel buildings some of the most cost-effective structures on the market today, but they are also strong and versatile enough to serve a range of business needs for years to come. Whether you need to improve your inventory storage, expand your office space, create a better in-store environment for your customers, or do a full building transformation, Pacific Building Systems is uniquely equipped to meet your business and/or property needs while staying on budget.

Below is a success story from one of our customers that further demonstrates the value of purchasing a new steel building manufactured by Pacific Building Systems.  

Customer: Jerit Carpenter

Business Name: Point S Carpenter’s Tire & Auto Service 

Building Location: Brookings, OR

Like Pacific Building Systems, Point S Carpenter’s Tire & Auto Service is a family-owned company that has provided an invaluable service to their customers for decades. Owner Dan Carpenter got his start in the automotive industry In 1975 and expanded his auto repair operations into the thriving business that it is today.  When the company became affiliated with the Point S brand, they needed a new showroom and a new shop to better serve their customers. We were more than happy to help with their building transformation!  Here’s what our customer, Jerit Carpenter, had to say. 

“We’ve been in the new building for a couple of months now and we’re so happy with it. Apart from a storm delay before roof installation (thanks again for help from PBS with the seamer), the building went up lightning fast. We’re located in the center of town and it impressed a lot of people. 

Anyway, business is up and we’re aiming for big things. We are definitely going to need to get working on Phase 2 to get there. Once I can finish up the demolition of the old offices, we’ll get started working out our plan for the shop. We need to get equipment/floor configuration figured out so we can locate the bay doors, etc. We haven’t had any time to go there, but once we do, it should go pretty quick. Then a look at finances. Then we can get back to work together to get this thing done. We can’t wait.

Check out the pics. Big-time upgrade. Once we finish phase 2, we’ll repave the whole lot and it’ll sparkle.”

Point S Carpenter’s Tire & Auto Service Steel Building TransformationPoint S Carpenter’s Tire & Auto Service Steel Building TransformationPoint S Carpenter’s Tire & Auto Service Steel Building Transformation

Whether it is for an auditorium, classroom, athletic facility, gymnasium or multi-purpose room, the possibilities are endless when building with steel. Today’s pre-engineered steel building systems can be used either alone or in combination with traditional building materials to achieve the exact architectural appearance you desire. Not to mention the operating costs of metal buildings are the lowest possible on the market today. Superior thermal efficiency reduces heating and cooling bills, and space-age finishes and metal standing seam roofs cut maintenance costs to the minimum. 

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