Pacific Building System’s Featured Employee – Stephanie Frey

We’re putting the spotlight on one of our rockstar employees this month, and we’re excited to be shining it on Stephanie Frey!

Each month, we’ll be showing off one of the team members associated with Pacific Building Systems so you can see who’s behind these incredible pre-engineered steel buildings.

Stephanie has been a valuable asset to the PBS family since she started. Most recently, she’s been in the lead role in planning and marketing our grand store opening. When it came time to open the doors to our brick and mortar storefront, Stephanie knew just what to do-she conceptualized an engaging, exciting, fun-filled day to celebrate our new store and got it off the ground with a running start.

In an interview with Stephanie, we got to pick her brain about how she got started with PBS, what she likes about working with us, and a little about herself-outside of the workplace. Here’s what she said.

When Did You Start Working with Pacific Building Systems?

Stephanie commented, “I accepted a position in January of 2022 to help implement a new vision for Pacific Building Systems.” While having Stephanie join our team was a fairly recent addition, she’s gone above and beyond in making sure PBS is the best it can be.

On taking the lead on the new store, Stephanie said, “Within my role as a retail sales and service member, I have grown professionally learning how to implement a new store.” If practice makes perfect, Stephanie has gotten plenty of it while navigating the opening of our new store. She’s pulled things together beautifully and we’re thankful to have her on board for future projects like that.

What Have You Learned from Being with Pacific Building Systems?

Stephanie may focus more prevalently on the store and how it’s doing, but she’s no stranger to the building side of things. When it comes to what knowledge she’s gained since being a part of the PBS workplace, she said she’s grown by learning how to implement the new store, “Along with continued growth for all the ins and outs of a pre engineered metal building.” To sum it up, Stephanie knows her stuff!

While she’s learning a lot during her employment with us, she’s also learning that the work environment PBS offers is top tier. Stephanie says, “ I am beyond blessed to have chosen a perfect place to allow me to learn and grow everyday with such an amazing support system here.” We don’t just care about our customers and the fruition of their metal buildings, we care deeply about our employees and the fruition of their success too.

What is Your Role Within Pacific Building Systems?

Stephanie is in charge of Retail Sales and Services. She remarks that, “Part of my passion for what I do is offering the industry and the community a competitive advantage to their businesses and ours.”

Working with PBS means you get to be a part of something; a community that benefits mutually from each other. This is perfect for Stephanie as she comments, “ I am a firm believer of getting to know my neighbors and supporting our local communities.” Lucky for her, she’s in just the right position to do so!

How Do You Spend Your Time Outside of Work?

We know our employees have lives outside of the workplace, and we strive to make sure they get to prioritize their friends, family, and personal health and wellbeing. When Stephanie isn’t at work she says her personal life, much like her professional life, “Involves a lot of moving and shaking.” She also notes, “I have three wonderful daughters who are my best friends, and an excellent tribe around me to motivate and encourage me each step of the way.”

When she’s not busy at work, or working as a mom, she spends her freetime, “Rock hunting at local Oregon rivers and creeks while backpacking and fishing.” And when she’s not in the great outdoors she has a thriving, “Lifetime passion for antique collecting and selling.” How cool!

We’re very fortunate to have Stephanie Frey on board with us at Pacific Building Systems. Thank you, Stephanie, for all that you do!