Why We Use Building Components Like The SSQ-275 Panel

Our NEW On-Site Roll Formed Roofing Panel is a Game Changer!

SSQII Roofing Panel Machine information sheet

Pacific Building Systems (PBS) is pleased to introduce our
NEW SSQ-275 On-Site Roll Formed Roofing Panel

You’ve heard the saying “as long as we have a roof over our heads…”. When you purchase a steel building from Pacific Building Systems, you can rest assured you’ll have the highest quality roof on the market over your head!

Since 1962, PBS has provided the Northwest, Alaska, and Hawaii with the finest quality pre-engineered building systems. We are also the premier manufacturers of high-quality, affordable steel building components and metal building accessories like our NEW SSQ-275 Standing Seam Roofing Panel, for various industries, including the industrial, commercial, agricultural, aviation, government, and community sectors. 

PBS customers have multiple high-quality metal roofing and siding panels to choose from, such as the PBR metal panel, Tuff-Rib Roofing and Siding Panel, Reversed Rolled PBR Roofing and Siding Panel and more. In this post, we’re spotlighting the top-of-the-line SSQ-275 Standing Seam Roofing Panel and highlighting its features and benefits.  

Why is the SSQ 275 Roofing Panel a Game Changer?

The SSQ-275 offers a unique interlocking panel profile system that is stronger than many of the double-lock systems in the industry. The SSQ-275 metal panel is easy to install, making it ideal for a wide variety of architectural, agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications.

If your job site is in Oregon or Washington, we can roll-form on-site as long as it is within a 250-mile radius of our fabrication shop in Woodburn.

SSQ-275 Panel

More features of the SSQ-275:

  • More cost effective than other panels on the market. The SSQ-275 panels are on-site roll-formed, so there are no crating and shipping fees!

  • The SSQ-275 metal panel is easy to install. It can be seamed on the job site quickly and easily. Seamer rental is available here.

  • Superior seam strength. Designed to be snap-locked and mechanically seamed for superior strength and durability.

  • Coverage Width – 17.5”

  • Gauge – 24

  • Height – 2”

  • Minimum Slope – 1/2:12

  • Panel Attachment – Concealed Fastening System

  • Clip Relief & Minor Rib Striation to prevent oil canning

  • Contact PBS for Color Options

Roll-Forming Machine used for SSQ-275 Panels

Why is the SSQ-275 our Choice for Standing Seam Roofing Panel?

The SSQ-275 is a concealed fastener, architectural-standing seam roof panel, and our most commonly specified standing seam panel for low slope applications. This panel offers both superior structural panel performance while maintaining architectural aesthetics, making it a perfect choice for your commercial, industrial, residential and institutional needs. 

This vertical leg standing seam roof system has been designed to be installed directly over solid substrates purlins or bar joists. The SSQ-275 panel also incorporates a concealed fastener clip that removes the need for exposed fasteners and allows thermal expansion and contraction. The SSQ-275 can be installed over open framing, solid substrates, or rigid insulation, and look great on most metal buildings.

Standing Seam Roofing Panel System Diagram
Exterior photo of a Commercial Building by PBS in Prineville

About Pacific Building Systems

Located in Woodburn, Oregon, Pacific Building Systems has been manufacturing steel structures since 1962. As a family-owned and privately-operated metal building manufacturer, we design, detail, draft, engineer and produce superior metal building systems and metal building components, while providing uncompromising customer service. PBS does not participate in any construction field, but focuses on producing the highest quality steel buildings, which are designed for ease of installation.

PBS has a design – or will gladly work with you in developing a custom solution – that will be attractive, efficient in use, easily finished inside, and meet the strictest building codes and industry methods and standards. We strive to exceed your expectations with every building project.



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