Building Brilliance: Metallion Industries Custom Metal Facility Takes Center Stage

Drumroll, please!

We’re proud to introduce a new featured building in the Pacific Building Systems collection. It’s the Metallion Industries building!

We are thrilled to feature the Metallion Industries building, a project that beautifully merges manufacturing and showcasing within the metal industry. Metallion Industries, a renowned manufacturer of metal siding and roofing in Estacada, Oregon, recognized the immense potential of a pre-engineered metal building to highlight their exceptional product line. With this in mind, they turned to us at Pacific Building Systems to bring their vision to life.

Just like the Coleman Hop House, which showcased the versatility of our buildings, the Metallion Industries building represents another remarkable collaboration with one of our valued customers. Crafted with the highest-quality materials, this structure is destined to serve Metallion Industries for years to come.

From beginning to end, we’ll take you on a journey through this project that seamlessly blends functionality, design, and the artistry of the metal industry.

What is the Intended Use of this Custom Metal Facility?

The Metallion Industries building serves a dual purpose as both the main office and production facility for Metallion Industries. It stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence, providing them with a centralized location where they can carry out their operations efficiently.

As the main office, this building represents the heart of Metallion’s operations. It is a space where their team comes together, fostering collaboration, innovation, and communication. With well-designed office spaces and functional workstations, the Metallion Industries building offers a conducive environment for their employees to excel in their roles.

Beyond being an office space, the Metallion Industries building also functions as a state-of-the-art production facility. Equipped with cutting-edge machinery and technology, it enables Metallion Industries to streamline their manufacturing processes and meet the demands of their customers with precision and efficiency. This facility allows them to integrate their metal siding and roofing production, ensuring that every product leaving their premises is of the highest quality.

By combining their office and production facility under one roof, Metallion Industries benefits from increased operational synergy. The close proximity between the main office and the production floor fosters coordination between different teams, resulting in improved productivity and streamlined operations. This integrated approach also allows for better communication between departments, facilitating prompt decision-making and ensuring a smooth workflow from conception to delivery.

Why Did They Decide a Metal Building Would be Best?

Metallion Industries’ decision to opt for a pre-engineered metal building was a strategic one, driven by their desire to showcase the very product they specialize in: metal siding and roofing. With years of experience as a valued supplier to Pacific Building Systems and involvement with other pre-engineered metal building suppliers, they understood the immense potential that a metal building offered.

By choosing a pre-engineered metal building, Metallion Industries saw an opportunity to create a facility that not only met their operational needs but also allowed them to feature their exceptional metal siding and roofing products. They recognized that a metal building would provide the perfect backdrop to showcase the durability, aesthetics, and versatility of their metal offerings.

Having established a strong partnership with Pacific Building Systems over the years, it was only natural for Metallion Industries to collaborate with us once again for the design and construction of their new facility. With our expertise in pre-engineered metal buildings, we were the ideal choice to bring this project to fruition.

Metallion Industries decision to entrust PBS with the construction of their new facility just goes to show their confidence in the quality, reliability, and innovation that a Pacific Building Systems building brings to the table. Together, we embarked on a collaborative journey to design a space that would beautifully showcase the very products that Metallion Industries is renowned for-metal.

When Did They Start Erecting the Building? How Long Did it Take to Build?

The journey to bring the Metallion Industries building to life began in November of 2020 when the order was placed. Metallion Industries, with a clear vision in mind, collaborated with Pacific Building Systems to initiate the process of erecting their new facility. From that moment, a series of meticulous planning and preparations were set in motion.

In June of 2021, a significant milestone was achieved as the steel for the building arrived. This marked a crucial phase in the construction process, as the arrival of the steel beams and components laid the foundation for the structure to take shape. The expertise and precision of the construction team came into play as they carefully assembled the steel framework, ensuring every piece was aligned with utmost accuracy.

After months of dedicated effort and craftsmanship, the Metallion Industries building reached its completion in July of 2022. The diligent work of the construction team, alongside the collaboration and coordination between Metallion Industries and Pacific Building Systems, culminated in the realization of this new facility. The vision that was once conceptualized in November of 2020 had become a tangible reality.

The timeline from ordering the building to its final completion shows the intricate process of constructing a pre-engineered metal building of this magnitude. From the initial stages of design and planning to the delivery of materials and the construction work.

Now that it’s done, the Metallion building stands as a shining example of what Pacific Building Systems is capable of. Metallion Industries’ decision to showcase their own metal siding and roofing products in a pre-engineered metal building has proven to be a wonderful choice.

We always love getting to dive into the projects that our satisfied customers are working on and we take a lot of pride in being able to share them with all of you. We can’t wait to share more of these featured buildings with you!

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